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Who Have
Settled In America

RICHARD SEDGWICK, of England, came in 1806 and settled at Richmond, Indiana. He had two sons, John and Charles. Isham and Richard Sedgwick were sons of John, and they were proprieters of Sedgwick Brothers, manufacturers of Fences and gates, at Richmond, Indiana, for many years.

THOMAS SEDGWICK, and seven brothers came from Ireland in 1815. Frank L Sedgwick, a great-grandson of Thomas, is proprieter of a furniture store at Springfield, Missouri.

THOMAS SEDGWICK, believed to have come from England when 19 years old, located in California about 1850, coming by boat, around the Horn. He had two sons, Charles and Thomas. C G Sedgwick of Long Beach, California, and D J Sedgwick, Cupertino, Santa Clara Co., California, are said to be descendants of this Thomas Sedgwick.

THERE ARE quite a good many SEDGWICK families in Maryland, Virgina, West Virginia, Kentucky and southern Ohio and Indiana, who seem to be related. The earlisest record we have found is in Colonial Families, Vol. II, in which a Thomas Johnson (Son of Thomas the Emig.) born Feb 1701-2 in Calvert Co., Maryland, married Dorcas Sedgwick, daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Sedgwick. Another record given us by Dr. W Stewart Sedgwick, of Newark, Ohio, is of his ancestor Joshua Sedgwick, who married Feb 10, 1774, Joshan Manning, daughter of Thomas Manning and Mary Ann Cook, who were married July 18, 1755 in Calvert County, Maryland. This Mary Ann Cook was said to be a daughter of Capt. George Cook.
This second Joshua might well have been a grandson of the first mentioned. Rev. George Cook Sedgwick, 6th child of Joshua and Joshan Sedgwick, came to Zanesville, Ohio in 1816. He delivered an address at the opening of Granville College, Granville, Ohio. He and his brother William were early preachers in Guernsey and Muskingum Counties, in Ohio. Dr W Stewart Sedgwick, of Newark, Ohio, is a great grandson of Rev. George Cook Sedgwick.
[ note: Family of Thomas Sedwick (abt 1640 - 1697) of Maryland.]