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Box 6 contains 450+ pages of a 600 page manuscript.
Box 19 contains about 50 photos.

The Sedgwick collection at the New Haven Colony Historical Society is formidable. It contains over 12000 items relating to Sedgwick Genealogy, primarily that of the descendants of Samuel Sedgwick and Mary Hopkins. The collection is also a great source of information for the other-surnamed descendants of their daughters and granddaughters.

To provide a background for the collection, and for the study of Sedgwick genealogy in general, here is a history of the tracing of Sedgwick Genealogy among the descendants of Samuel Sedgwick (1667). I think this is important background for those of other Sedgwick Family Groups, too, as you will find that you have to wend your way through the data on this group to get to yours.

About the time of his death, Hubert Merrill Sedgwick held the combined knowledge amassed by the four major Sedgwick genealogists over a period of a century. His records were deposited in the library of the New Haven Colony Historical Society, where they remain to this date. The Sedgwick Collection (MSS B46) contains approximately 12,650 items in nineteen boxes containing four to twenty-one folders each.

The collection contains a wealth of information. It includes all of Frederick's data and records. It contains all that Hubert and Francis had compiled together, and all that Hubert had done after the death of Francis. Since Hubert and Francis had worked so closely for several years before Francis' death, and since Francis had accessed George's book, the collection probably contains all the data the George and Francis had compiled, but it does not include their source documents. Perhaps we will be able to contact Francis's descendants and obtain his records. Perhaps we will be able to locate George's book in possession of one of Earl Phillip Sedgwick's descendants.

Much of the information has never been published. Beyond the 1934 Manuscript, only the book of Benjamin's descendants has been published. The remainder is there waiting to be processed. The Society is formulating a plan that may include micro-filming the entire collection.

I will be adding as much of the collection here as I can. If you get to New Haven and extract data I do not already have here, please forward it to me, so I can add it here, too.

To contact NHCHS with questions about the collection:

James Campbell, Library Director
New Haven Colony Historical Society
114 Whitney Avenue
New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: (203) 562-4183
FAX (203) 562-2002

A word about the numbering system used:

The numbering system was devised, or at least first applied to Sedgwick genealogy, by F.M. Sedgwick in the 1934 manuscript. It applies no number to Samuel (1667) and starts with his 11 children numbered 1-9, A and B. Then each succeeding generation adds a digit for the child number in that generation, so George Sedgwick's (41414) indicates that he is the fourth child of the first child of the fourth child of the first child of the fourth child of Samuel.

For the time being, the best online key to the numbering system is the Nmaes Index to the manuscript A Genealogy of the Sedgwick Family in America since 1635 which appears in the books section here at Pick up the Sedgwick Number from persons who exist in this index and use it to guide you in your searches here. I will add a more complete index as soon as possible.

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