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ADA WAY5 4th. child of Isaac and Rosanna (Wellman) Way, was born Sep. 12, 1853, and died Aug. 22, 1917. She married Sep. 7, 1874, Charles Fredrickson, born Sep. 25, 1846, in Philadelphia, Pa., son of William and grandson of Godfrey Fredrickson. They lived at Laporte, Ind. Mr. Fredrickson died Aug. 18, 1907. Their children were:

1. William Isaac Fredrickson, b. June 21, 1876. (168,1B4,l)
2. Ira Way Fredrickson, b. Jan. 8, 1878;
m. 1917, Lucile Werdner, no children.
He died at Charles City, Ia. Dec. 26, 1936.
3. Ella C. Fredrickson, b. July 7, 1882. Died July 21, 1883.
4. Walter S. Fredrickson, b. May 18, 1884. (168,1B4,4)
5. Rosannia Fredrickson, b. Mar. 19, 1888. (168,1B4,5)
6. Aldyth Fredrickson, b. Apr. 17, 1891. (168,1B4,6)

WILLIAM ISAAC FREDRICKSON, son of Charles and Ada (Way) Fredrickson, was born June 21, 1876, at Laporte, Ind. He married in Chicago, Ill., July 15, 1902, Edna L. Sisson, born Oct. 24, 1871, at Orland, Cook Co., Ill., daughter of James K. and Lucy (Jackson) Sisson. They lived at Charles City, Iowa, where Mr. Fredrickson died July 8, 1936. After her husband's death Mrs. Fredrickson removed to Chicago, her address being (1937) 452 West 60th. St. Their children were:

1. Helen Laurie Fredrickson, b. June 26, 1904, Lead, S. D.
d. Jan. 9, 1808, C. Bluffs, Ia.
2. Harold Sisson Fredrickson, b. Aug. 21, 1905, C. Bluffs, Ia.;
d. Oct. 11, 1925, Grirmell, Ia.
3. Marian Elizabeth Fredrickson, b. Feb. 4, 1910, at Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Married at Charles City, Ia., July 21, 1935, Dr. George E. Folkman.
They live at Decatur, Ill.

WALTER S. FREDRICKSON, son of Charles and Ada (Way) Fredrickson, was born May 18, 1884, at Laporte, Ind. He married Oct. 7, 1912, Leanora Hansen. They live at Fort Wayne, Ind., and have one daughter:

1. Jane Fredrickson, b. June 17, 1916.

ROSANNA. FREDRICKSON, doughter of Charles and Ada (Way) Fredrickson, was born Mar. 19, 1888, at Laporte, Ind. She married Jan. 3, 1913, Frank Bohland, of Lindsay, Calif. They have two daughters:

1. Dorothy Bohland, b. Nov. 8, 1915.
2. Betty Bohland, b. Apr. 10, 1926.