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SAMUEL SEDGWICK, oldest son of Robert Sedgwick and Joanna Blake was born probably in Charlestown, Mass., where he was baptised Mar. 31, 1639, (Church Record) and died in London, Eng., previous to 1683. He married probably in London, Elizabeth Harwood, daughter of John Harwood and his wife Elizabeth, who in 1645 lived in Boston, and in 1657 sold out and returned to England. Their daughter Elizabeth was baptised Mar. 17, 1650, In Boston.

Samuel Sedgwick evidently accompanied his mother to England after his father's death, and was living in London when he witnessed the will of Jonathan Wade, of Ipswich, Mass., which purports to have been executed in that City on the 17th. of June 1657, and was proved before, and approved by a Court of Probate held in Boston, July 8, 1686, and is recorded in the Suffolk County Probate Records, Vol. XI, p. 40. Following that record is an entry of the following deposition: "This deponent testifieth and saith, that for the space of six years wherein she was wife to Mr. Samuel Sedgwick, late of London, deceased, she -- well knew his hand writing, and was perfectly acquainted therewith, and that she hath well viewed and considered the subscription of the said Sedgwick's name as a witness, and that she verily believes the same to have been done by himself and no other. Taken upon oath, Dec. 1, 1683, before Peter Buckley, Assistant." (Goodwin)

The following is partly from Goodwin and partly from Wyman:

Vol. III, page 332, of the Middlesex Land Record, is recorded an indenture in writing purporting to have been executed in the City of London, on the 20th. of May 1667, by Samuel Sedgwick, in which he describes himself as `Citizen and clothworker' of London, sonne and heir of Robert Sedgwick late of Charlestoun in New England, in parts beyond the seas, Esq. deceased,' and by which he conveys to Francis Willoughby, of Charlestown, in New England aforesaid, "his the said Samuel Sedgwick's house and land in Charlestown," and some other real estate, in or near Charlestown. "The house and lot was bounded as follows; W. on Market Square, N. E. on F. W. Lands, and Mrs Davidsons, N . W. on W. Brackenburg, Widow Rouse, S. W. on Capt. J. Allen's wood lots."

John Harwood of London in his will made Nov. 13, 1684, devised three houses to his daughter Elizabeth Sedgwick and her sonne Samuel then in New England. (N.E. Vol. 42, p. 64-5.)

Elizabeth Harwood of Bednall Green in the County of Middlesex, widow (of John Harwood.) in her will made 5 Aug. 1686, proved 11, April, 1687, devised `one moiety or half part of said brew house to my daughter Elizabeth Sedgwick' --- also `all the rest of my silver plate, jewels, rings, and all my household goods of what kind soever' --- `to my grandchild Samuel Sedgwick -- ten pounds to buy a mourning ring.' (N.E. 46, p. 433-4.)

From the above records it appears that the widow of Samuel returned to New England for a time, perhaps to settle up some business, being there in 1684 when her father's will was made. Two years later when her mother's will was made no mention of her whereabouts is made, but as household goods are left to her, she was doubtless in England. We have no later records of herself or her son.

Therefore Samuel Sedgwick and his wife Elizabeth Harwood had one son, named;

1. Samuel Sedgwick, born undoubtedly in London, Eng.