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and exposed to the weather. The soldiers were dispirited and in very bad health, at one time some 250 dying per week.

With the aid of the sailors Sedgwick soon constructed a warehouse for the supplies and had them secure, and did all possible for the betterment of conditions.

General Sedgwick was at first one of the Commissioners for the government of the Island. In fact several commissions were appointed but there were many deaths among them. Finally early in 1656 Sedgwick was appointed as Governor of the Island, his commission only arriving a few days before his death, May 24, 1656.

He had evidently been in ill health for some time, as in Nov. 1655, he had written to the Lord Proteotor and had prayed leave to come from Jamaica to London and had then commended his widow and five children to the kindness of the Lord Protector.

Robert Sedgwick married in England before coming to Charlestown, Joanna Blake, daughter of William and Dorothy Blake of Andover, England.a The said William Blake by will in 1641 leaves to Jone Sedgwick, and her mother Dorothie Blake in 1647 leaves to Joanna Sedgwick L100 and to her two sonnes L20 each. Will also mentions her sonne in law Robert Sedgwick. There were also legacies from Jane, widow of Richard Blake, and from Mrs. Martha Blake.

Joanna, the widow of Robert Sedgwick, returned to England, and married the Rev. Thomas Allen, who had been a teaoher in the church at Charlestown.

Administration on the Generals estate was granted his widow in England, 30 Sept., 1656.

The children of Maj. Gen. Robert and his wife Joanna were;

1. Samuel Sedgwick, bap. Mar. 31, 1639, in Charlestown.
2. Hannah Sedgwick, bap. Mar. 14, 1641, in Charlestown.
3. William Sedgwick, bap. 1643. Died about 1674.
4. Robert Sedgwick, hap. about 1651.
5. Name Unknown, see Robt. letter to Cromwell

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