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ROBERT SEDGWICK, the first of our name to come to New England was from that branch of the family mentioned as having settled at Wisbeck in the Isle of Ely early in the 17th. century.

From records discovered later it seems tnere were Sedgwick's in this vicinity at a still earlier period. Robert was the son of William Sedgwicke, whose marriage was recorded in the Register of St. Mary's Church, Parish of Woburn, Bedfordshire, April 10, 1604. The earliest entry in this register is in 1558, and the earliest Sedgwicke mentioned is of the baptism of Richard, son of James Sedgwicke, on Sept. 18, 1580.

The region called the Isle of Ely is a marshy plain in Cambridgeshire, north of the Ouse River. It was the stronghold of the Saxons under Hereward, that noted Outlaw and Patriot, who defended Ely against the Normans about 1070. The city of Ely is at the edge of this marshy plain, and about 15 miles north of Cambridge. Woburn in Bedfordshire, the birthplace of our ancestor Robert Sedgwick, is about 30 miles southwest of Cambridge.

Before taking up the history of Robert Sedgwick, we will give what information we have in regard to his parents, and his brothers and sisters, who remained in England.

There have also been several other persons or groups of persons of our name who have come to this country at later dates and we will mention some of these briefly in the appendix at the end of this history.

William Sedgwicke, the father of Robert, is spoken of as of London in some records, and as of Com. Yorke in other records, so he may have lived at several different places, but his marriage, the baptism of his children and his burial are all recorded in the Parish of Woburn. These records follow.

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