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uir in Latin. It is a deritave from secg-en, to say, and meant say-er, speak-er, orator, and generally, man, hero, warrior. It could easily be used as a personal name as Man is now; and Secg-wic is therefore a town built by Mr. Secg, or Mr. Mann, as we should say at the present day!"

In the same way Sedge barrow in Worcestershire is Secgesbearuwe, ie. Seicg's grove; and Sedgeleigh in Hampshire is Secge leah, which means Secg's lea.

Professor Skeats rejects the suggestion that Siegeswick means "Village of Victory" which Adam Sedgwick had once suggested might be a solution.

From all of the foregoing it seems that the explanation of Professor Skeats as to the origin of our name is the best that we have.

(See chapters "Ancestry of Robert Sedgwick" , "William Sedgwicke" and "Major General Robert Sedgwick in cloth bound book pages 12-20)

(end of chapter: "The Sedgwick family; origin of name.")