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2. Norman Herbert, b. July 7, 1870. (B5A,142)

3. Persis Greely, b. April 24, 1873. (B5A,143)

4. Anne, b. July 29, 1875. (B5A,144)

Harriet Safford Dutcher, 1st child of Emily (Safford) Dutcher (B5A,14) and Daniel Dutcher, was born April 6, 1869, at St. Albans, Vermont. She attended Wellesley College and lived more than a year in Switzerland where she studied music, French and German. She taught in St. Albans schools and became a reference librarian, working in the Carnegie Library at Pittsburgh, the Ohio State Library in Columbus, and the public library in Duluth, Minnesota. She has retired and resides at 77 Bank Street, St. Albans, Vermont. We are indebted to her for statistics of this branch of the Sedgwick family.

Norman Herbert Dutcher, 2d child of Emily (Safford) Dutcher (B5A,14) and Daniel Dutcher, was born July 7, 1870, at St. Albans, Vermont, and died at Saranac Lake, N.Y., November 27, 1898. He graduated at Williams College, attended Union Theological Seminary and Andover Theological Seminary and was a Congregational minister at Vergennes, Vermont.

Persis Greely Dutcher, 3d child of Emily (Safford) Dutcher (B5A,14) and Daniel Dutcher, was born April 24, 1873, at St. Albans, Vermont. She was a teacher before her marriage at St. Albans October 17, 1900 to George Pomeroy Anderson, son of Stephen Brown Anderson and Mary Ann (Pomeroy) Anderson of that city. Mr. Anderson was for twenty years a journalist on the staff of the Boston Globe. He graduated, B.A., 1896, at the University of Vermont and later from the Northeastern College Law School, Boston. He was a member of the General Court of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Legislature, from 1925 to 1932. He is a practicing lawyer of Boston with offices at 25 Cumberland Street. Children:

1. Persis Greely, b. November 27, 1901, at Boston. (B5A,143,1)

2. Frances Pomeroy, b. July 21, 1905, at St. Albans, Vt. (B5A,143,2)

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