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3. Philip Dutcher, b. October 5, 1921, at Boston. (B5A,143,3)

Persis Greely Anderson, 1st child of Persis Greely (Dutcher) Anderson (B54,143) and George Pomeroy Anderson, was born November 27, 1901, at Boston, Mass. She was an assistant in the Boston Medical Library and was a frequent contributor to literary publications. She was killed in a horseback accident at Medford, Mass., November 1, 1932.

Frances Pomeroy Anderson, 2d child of Persis Greely (Dutcher) Anderson (B5A,143) and George Pomeroy Anderson, was born July 21, 1905, at St. Albans, Vermont. She graduated, A.B., at Radcliffe College in 1927 and, M.A., in 1930. She married August 31, 1929, at Honesdale, Pa., Phillips Leland Boyd, Harvard, A.B., 1926, M.D., 1930, son of Dr. Herbert Drummond Boyd of Boston. He is a practicing physician. They reside at 32 Burroughs Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass. Children, all born at Boston (Boyd):

1. David Drummond, b. May 29, 1930, at Boston. (B5A,143,21)

2. Phillips Leland, Jr., b. June 15, 1934, at Boston. (B5A,143,22)

3. Stephen Fay, b. January 4, 1936, at Boston. (B5A,143,23)

4. Jonathan Safford, b. October 19, 1939, at Boston. (B5A,143,24)

Philip Dutcher Anderson, 3d child of Persis Greely Dutcher (B5A,143) and George Pomeroy Anderson, was born October 5, 1912, at Boston, Mass. He graduated from Harvard, A.B., in 1934, and married August 18, 1936, Esther Ellen Wilkins, a graduate of Boston University, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wilkins of Carlisle, Mass. He is an actuary with the John Hancock Life Insurance Company of Boston. They live at 203 Bacon Street, Natick, Mass. Their son was named for Timothy Carlisle, the first citizen of the town of Carlisle, Mass., after it was set off as a separate town. Children:

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