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Texas, and in 1947 was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. Child:

1. Jean Marie, b. April 8, 1925, at San Jose, Cal. (B5A,114,11)

Elizabeth Marie Mason, 2d child of Alfred Marshall Mason (B5A,114) and Ida T. (Detling) Mason, was born December 20, 1905, at Fort Barrancas, Florida, and graduated, B.C., in 1927 at the University of California, Los Angeles, and married September 8, 1929, at Pasadena, California, Nye Kirwan Elward, son of Dr. L.R. Elward and Nellie (Simpson) Elward. He is a West Point graduate and was Lieutenant Colonel of the 64th Signal Battalion, headquarters Army Ground Forces, Signal Section; Supreme Allied Expeditionary Force, Signal Division. They reside at Terrace 25, Altadena, California. Child (Elward):

1. Nancy Jean, b. February 27, 1932, at Fort Monmouth, Long Beach, N.J. (B5A,114,21)

Anne Louise Mason, 3d child of Alfred Marshall Mason (B5A,114) and Ida T. (Detling) Mason, was born January 29, 1914, at Fort Mott, Salem, N.J., and graduated at the University of California in 1924. She married May 23, 1942, at Los Angeles, Edward Joseph Shanahan of that city, son of John Matthew Shanahan and Sara Ellen (Healy) Shanahan. He is a furniture dealer. He served May, 1942, to September, 1945, as special agent, Counter Intelligence Corps, United States Army. They live at 634 Deodar Drive, Altadena, Cal.

Emily Safford, 4th child of Chellis Fay Safford and Persis (Greely) Safford (B5A,1), was born July 25, 1841, at St. Albans, Vermont, and died in the same city February 23, 1914. She married June 9, 1868, at St. Albans, Daniel Dutcher, son of Luther Loomis Dutcher and Elmira (Brainerd) Dutcher. Daniel was born July 7, 1834, at St. Albans and died there November 30, 1911. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1858, studied law at Chicago and was later a druggist at St. Albans. Children, all born at St. Albans (Dutcher):

1. Harriet Safford, b. April 6, 1869. (B5A,141)

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