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Albans except for a year spent at New Haven, Conn., and one in Hiawatha, Kansas. She died September 21, 1918. He died February 22, 1905, at St. Albans. Children, all born at St. Albans (Mason):

1. Henry Herbert, b. October 6, 1865; d. December 20, 1866.

2. Lilian, b. December 21, 1867. (B5A,112)

3. Helen Raymond, b. October 4, 1869. (B5A,113)

4. Alfred Marshall, b. September 19, 1871. (B5A,114)

5. Edward Lathrop, b. October 9, 1873; was in the insurance business at St. Albans; d. May 22, 1936, at St. Albans, unmarried. (B5A,115)

6. Chellis Fay, b. January 28, 1876; d. unmarried at Aberdeen, S.D., October 3, 1907. (B5A,116)

7. Mary Elizabeth, b. January 31, 1878; d. February 20, 1896, at St. Albans, Vt. (B5A,117)

Lilian Mason, 2d child of Persis Elizabeth (Safford) Mason (B5A,11) and Marshall Mason, was born at St. Albans, Vermont, December 21, 1867, studied music in Boston three years and was a teacher of piano. She married at St. Albans December 17, 1932, Frederick Blake Morton, son of Henry G. Morton, a clothing merchant at St. Albans. Frederick died February 5, 1940, at St. Albans. Episcopalians. Mrs. Morton lives at 90 Bank Street, St. Albans. No children.

Helen Raymond Mason, 3d child of Persis Elizabeth (Safford) Mason (B5A,11) and Marshall Mason, was born October 4, 1869, at St. Albans, Vermont, and graduated, A.B., at Wellesley College in 1893. She taught three years in Lyndon Hall School for Girls, Poughkeepsie; four years in St. Albans High School and from 1900 to 1904 in Dr. Stearns's School, Hartford. She taught in Syria from 1912-14 and returned to St. Albans High School to teach 1914-17. She was volunteer teacher for the Red Cross in Colorado, 1917-18 and general secretary of the Y.W.C.A. in Pueblo 1918-21. She studied in the Pacific School for Religion, Berkeley, Cal., 1921 and 1922 and in the Library Science School, University of California at Berkeley, 1922-23. She was dean of

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