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Persis Swift, 10th child of Mary Ann (Sedgwick) Swift (B5) and Rev. Job Swift, was born March 28, 1788, at Bennington, Vermont, and died September 5, 1815, shortly after the birth of her only child, at Turner, Maine. She married August 18, 1813, Rev. Allen Greely of Turner, son of Eliphalet Greely and Sarah Prince Greely. He graduated at Dartmouth in 1804, taught at Deerfield Academy, was tutor at Middlebury College and was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church at Turner. Child (Greely):

1. Persis, b. June 21, 1815, at Turner, Maine. (B5A,1) Note: Miss Dutcher writes "the name 'Greely' is spelled in this way in our branch but Philip Greeley Stevens prefers to insert the 'e' between the '1' and 'y'."

Persis Greely, only child of Persis (Swift) Greely (B5A) and Rev. Allen Greely, was born June 21, 1815, at Turner, Maine, and died November 28, 1850 at St. Albans, Vermont. She married September 21, 1836, at Portland, Maine, Chellis Fay Safford, a merchant of St. Albans, born April 30, 1803. Children, all born at St. Albans (Safford):

1. Persis Elizabeth, b. April 21, 1838. (B5A,11)

2. Herbert, twin, b. March 19, 1840; d. June 19, 1863.

3. Henry, twin, b. March 19, 1840; d. February 9, 1861.

4. Emily, b. July 25, 1841. (B5A,14)

5. Alfred Greely, b. in August, 1844. (B5A,15)

6. Harriet, b. May 22, 1846. (B5A,16)

7. Eliphalet, b. August 1, 1848; d. August 26, 1849.

Persis Elizabeth Safford, 1st child of Persis (Greely) Safford (B5A,1) and Chellis F. Safford, was born April 21, 1838, at St. Albans, Vermont, and attended the Young Ladies' Academy there of which Miss Emily Baker was principal. She taught French and algebra in the academy and married there Marshall Mason of that city, son of Leonard Mason and Priscilla (Whitney) Mason, a civil engineer and a St. Albans city official in charge of the water works and streets. They resided at St.

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