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2. Edward Pierrepont, b. August 18, 1903, at Smithtown, L.I. (B54,313,2)

3. Susan Dimock, b. August 26, 1904, at Smithtown, L.I. (B54,313,3)

Frances Pierrepont Isham, 1st child of Edward Swift, Jr. (B54,313) and Laura (Miller) Isham, was born January 15, 1902, at New York City. She married Paul C. Colonna, a surgeon. They were divorced. He lives in Philadelphia, she with her mother in New York City. Children, both born in New York City (Colonna):

1. Alice Bowes, b. May 27, 1926. (B54,313,11)

2. Mary Ely, b. December 15, 1929. (B54,313, 12)

Edward Pierrepont Isham, 2d child of Edward Swift Isham, Jr. (B54,313) and Laura (Miller) Isham, was born August 18, 1903, at Smithtown, L.I. and graduated from St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H., and from Yale, A.B., 1925, and from the Harvard Law School in 1927. He resided at Ormsby Hill, Manchester, Vermont, and died in New York City July 24, 1929.

Susan Dimock Isham, 3d child of Edward Swift Isham, Jr. (B54,313) and Laura (Miller) Isham, was born August 26, 1905, at Smithtown, L.I. She married George H. Hardyman, an author, and they reside at Beverly Hills, California. Children (Hardyman):

1. Maitland, b. August 6, 1936, at New York City. (B54,313,31)

2. Pierpont (Peter) Isham, b. October 4, 1936; d. July, 1939.

Mary Adeline Isham, 2d child of Semanthe (Swift) Isham (B54,3) and Judge Pierrepont Isham, was born February 4, 1838, at Bennington, Vt., and married May 29, 1862, in New York City, Sartell Prentice, then a captain in the 12th U.S. Infantry, later a major. He was son of Ezra Parmalee Prentice and Philena (Cheney) Prentice of Mount Hope, Albany, N.Y., where he was born May 29, 1837. After the Civil War they resided in Chicago where Mr. Prentice was engaged in the real estate business.

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