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Presbyterians. She died May 26, 1913, at New York City. Mr. Prentice died September 1, 1905, while visiting his son, Sartell Prentice, at Nyack, N.Y. Children (Prentice):

1. Ezra Parmalee, b. July 29, 1863, at Davenport, Ia. (B54,321)

2. Pierrepont Isham, b. October 16, 1865, at Albany, N.Y. (B54,322)

3. Sartell, b. September 30, 1867, at Albany, N.Y.

4. Richard Skinner, b. November 2, 1874, at Albany, N.Y.; d. November 16, 1876, at Mount Hope, Albany, N.Y.

5. Mary Isham, b. December 17, 1880, at Chicago, Ill. (B54,325)

Ezra Parmalee Prentice, 1st child of Mary Adeline (Isham) Prentice (B54,32) and Sartell Prentice, was born July 29, 1863, in Davenport, Iowa, when his father was Captain in the regular army serving in that state. He graduated at Amherst College in 1885 and at the Harvard Law School. He took advanced studies, largely in scientific agriculture at Olivet College in Michigan and was admitted to the bar in Illinois in 1886. He practiced law in Chicago four years and became general counsel to the Illinois Steel Company and the Lake Shore and Erie Railroad. He became a member of the law firm of Murray, Prentice and Aldrich of New York City where he practiced from 1900 to 1924. He is the owner of the Mount Hope Farm in Williamstown to which the Department of Agriculture of Massachusetts awarded a gold medal for agricultural research in 1924. He was decorated in 1924, Commander of the Order of the Crown of Italy for services in international agriculture. He was decorated with the order of Civil Merit of Bulgaria for services in agriculture to Bulgaria. He has at his farm at Mount Hope the old grandfather clock that belonged to Job Swift and his wife, Mary Ann (Sedgwick) Swift. He married January 17, 1901, in New York City Miss Alta Rockefeller, daughter of John D. Rockefeller. She was born at Cleveland, Ohio, April 12, 1871. They reside at 5 West 53d Street, New York City. Children, all born in New York City:

1. John Rockefeller, b. December 17, 1902. (B54,321,1)

2. Mary Adeline, b. November 29, 1908. (B54,321,2)

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