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School and was given an honorary degree of LL.D. from Williams in 1893. He was admitted to the bar in Chicago and made a partnership with Robert T. Lincoln, son of President Abraham Lincoln, under the firm name of Isham and Lincoln. The firm name has had a notable history and still exists under the name of Isham, Lincoln and Beale. All the original members and their immediate successors died long ago. Mr. Isham married Frances Burch, daughter of Thomas and Eliza F. Burch of Little Falls, N.Y. He died in New York City February 16, 1902. Children:

1. Ann Eliza, b. January 25, 1862, at Chicago; lost on the Titanic April 15, 1912. (B54,311)

2. Pierrepont, b. August 16, 1865, at Heidelberg, Germany. (B54,312)

3. Edward Swift, Jr., b. January 2, 1868, at Chicago. (B54,313)

4. Frances, b. January 6, 1872, at Berlin, Germany; m. March 23, 1909, at Washington, D.C., Henry T. Shelton of Bridgeport, Conn.; resided for years in Paris, France. (B54,314)

Pierrepont Isham, 2d child of Edward Swift Isham (B54,31) and Frances Burch Isham, was born August 16, 1865, at Heidelberg, Germany. He graduated from West Point in 1887 and after a short service in the army resigned to practice law in Chicago. He married in October, 1892, Emma Lois Kellogg. He died May 19, 1906, at Keene, N.H. Child:

1. Lois Kellogg, b. September 23, 1894, in Chicago; resides at Arlemont Ranch, Tonopah, Nevada. (B54,312,1)

Edward Swift Isham,Jr., 3d child of E.S. Isham (B54,31) and Frances (Burch) Isham, was born January 2, 1868, at Chicago. He graduated, B.A., from Yale College in 1891. He married November 14, 1900, in New York City Laura Miller, daughter of Charles A. Miller and Mary E. Miller of that city. He was an electrical engineer and interested in electrical and manufacturing affairs. He died July 24, 1929, in New York City. Children:

1. Francis Pierrepont, b. January 15, 1902, at New York City. (B54,313,1)

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