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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Jane Sedgwick, b. October 2, 1844; d. November 18, 1847.

2. Alice Woodbourne, b. July 10, 1847; d. December 15, 1883, unmarried.

3. William III, b. May 7, 1849. (B4A,13)

4. Charles Sedgwick, b. December 23, 1852. (B4A,14)

5. Robert Sedgwick, b. August 10, 1856. (B4A,15)

6. Henry Davis, b. August 18, 1859. (B4A,16)

7. Laurence, b. May 19, 1865. (B4A,17)

William Minot III, 3d child of William Minot II and Katharine M. (Sedgwick) Minot (B4A,1), was born May 7, 1849, at Boston and died there November 30, 1900. He was a descendant of George Minot who came from Saffron, Salden, Essex, England, in 1630, and was admitted a freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1634. He married June 24, 1882, Elizabeth Vredenburgh Van Pelt, born June 26, 1858, and died September 5, 1897, daughter of Reuben and Catharine (Vredenburgh) Van Pelt of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Mr. Minot went into his father's law office when but fifteen years old. By the time he had succeeded to the management of the large trust business which his ancestors had favored, he was of ripe experience and judgment. He participated in the establishment of the Boston Real Estate Trust, the sale of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Railroad and in enactment of the modern building laws of the city of Boston. He originated the so-called Boston form of real estate trust. He made a special trip to Paris in 1892 to study its laws and building customs. Children (Minot):

1. Katharine, b. May 19, 1883, at Boston. (B4A,131)

2. William IV, b. August 15, 1885, at Wareham, Mass. (B4A,132)

3. Vredenburgh, b. July 29, 1887, at Wareham, Mass. (B4A,133)

4. Sedgwick, b. May 23, 1891, at Wareham, Mass. (B4A,134)

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