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upon a smiling valley and silver lake, his hospitality and kindly spirit gave a new beauty to the scenery. No one ever went from his door without having caught from his cheerful presence a more contented spirit and a gentler charity. His friendships were not confined to a select few to whom he was naturally allied by birth and education. He delighted in the society of the poor. He cherished a deep sympathy with their wants and widely won their love. When he died the laboring men of Lenox begged leave to carry the cherished remains to the grave on their shoulders and were accorded the privilege.

Mrs. Sedgwick kept for more than thirty years a young ladies' school in Lenox which attracted pupils from all parts of the country. She was the author of several works, as: THE SPANISH CONQUEST OF AMERICA, LESSONS WITHOUT BOOKS, LOUISA AND HER COUSINS, PLEASANT SUNDAYS, THE BEATITUDES, and A TALK WITH MY PUPILS.

Children of Charles and Elizabeth B. (Dwight) Sedgwick were:

1. Katharine Maria, b. September 15, 1820. (B4A,1)

2. Charles, b. April 4, 1822; d. March 30, 1841, while attending Harvard College. (B4A,2)

3. Elizabeth Dwight, b. July 15, 1826. (B4A,3)

4. William Dwight, b. June 27, 1831. (B4A,4)

5. Grace Ashburner, b. March 5, 1833. (B4A,5)

Katharine (preferred over Katherine) Maria Sedgwick, oldest child of Charles Sedgwick (B4A) and Elizabeth B. (Dwight) Sedgwick, was born September 15, 1820, at Stockbridge, Mass., and died June 29, 1880, at Boston, Mass. She married November 28, 1842, at Stockbridge, William Minot, 2d, the son of William Minot, 1st, who was the son of George Richards Minot and brother of Jane Minot, who married Henry Dwight Sedgwick. The mother of William Minot, 2d, was Louisa Davis Minot, daughter of Solicitor Daniel Davis. He was born April 7, 1817, and died there February 26, 1894. He graduated at Harvard, A.B., 1836; LL.B., 1840, admitted to the bar in 1841 and had his office at 39 Court Street, where his father and grandfather had also practiced. He was fond of hunting and often went to Nova Scotia and North Carolina for that sport. He had a large and lucrative practice. Children (Minot):

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