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Katharine Minot, 1st child of William Minot III (B4A,13) and Elizabeth (Van Pelt) Minot, was born May 19, 1883, at West Roxbury, (Boston), Mass., and married November 22, 1904, Henry Morse Channing of Boston, born August 17, 1880, son of Walter and Anna Kast (Morse) Channing. Mr. Channing graduated at Harvard, A.B., 1902 and LL.B., 1904. He is a member of the Boston law firm Channing, Rice & Tudor. He was chief of the legal section of the War Industries Board of the United States in 1918. They reside at Little Pond, Sherborn, Mass. Their Boston residence is at 3 Exeter Street. Children (Channing):

1. Barbara, b. July 10, 1906, at Wareham, Mass. (B4A,131,1)

2. Katharine Sedgwick, b. January 22, 1908, at Boston. (B4A,131,2)

3. Laurence Minot, b. July 30, 1910, at Wareham, Mass. (B4A,131,3)

4. Anne Elizabeth, b. November 6, 1911, at Sherborn, Mass. (B4A,131,4)

Barbara Channing, 1st child of Katharine (Minot) Channing (B4A,131) and Henry Morse Channing, was born July 10, 1906, at Wareham, Mass., graduated at Bryn Mawr College, B.A., 1929, and married July 15, 1933, at Exeter, N.H. Francis Birch, Harvard, S.B., 1924; M.A. 1929; Ph.D., 1932, son of George Albert Birch and Mary Hemmick Birch of Washington, D.C. They reside at 74 Avon Hill Street, Cambridge, Mass., and have a summer home at Exeter, N.H. He is assistant professor of geophysics at Harvard University. Children, all born at Cambridge, Mass. (Birch):

1. Anne Campaspe, b. January 29, 1935. (B4A,131,11)

2. Francis Sylvanus, b. December 24, 1936. (B4A,131,12)

3. Mary Narcissa, b. September 1, 1942. (B4A,131,13)

Katharine Sedgwick Channing, 2d child of Katharine (Minot) Channing (B4A,131) and Henry Morse Channing, was born January 22, 1908, at Boston, where she attended the Winsor and Garland schools and June 21, 1933, married Edward Pendleton Herring of

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