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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Robert, January 12, 1852, in New York City. (B48,21)

2. Henry Brevoort, b. August 1, 1853, at Lenox, Mass.; d. May 18, 1854.

3. Francis Edward, b. September 1, 1854, in New York City; d. 1875. (B48,23)

4. William Ellery, b. September 15, 1856, in New York City; d. in 1869.

5. Laura Brevoort, b. February 22, 1859, at Lenox, Mass. (B48,25)

6. Helen Ellery, b. September 5, 1861, at Lenox, Mass. (B48,26)

Robert Sedgwick, 1st child of William Ellery Sedgwick (B48,2) and Constance I. (Brevoort) Sedgwick, was born January 12, 1852, in New York City. He married November 13, 1878, Meta Brevoort Renwick, daughter of Henry Renwick of New York City. He was engaged in the tea business in China four years, returned to New York City and was an insurance broker. Children, both born in New York City:

1. Robert, Jr., b. April 25, 1880. (B48,211)

2. Henry Renwick, b. July 4, 1881. (B48,212)

Robert Sedgwick, Jr., 1st child of Robert Sedgwick (B48,21) and Meta B. (Renwick) Sedgwick, was born April 25, 1880, graduated, A.B., 1903, from Harvard, is a retired real estate broker and lives at 570 Park Avenue, New York City.

Henry Renwick Sedgwick, 2d child of Robert Sedgwick (B48, 21) and Meta B. (Renwick) Sedgwick, was born July 4, 1881, in New York City, graduated, A.B., in 1904 from Harvard, and was an architect in New York City. He was a First Lieutenant in the quartermaster's corps in the First World War. He was secretary of the Beaux Arts Institute of Design; corresponding secretary, Society of Beaux Arts Architects; director of Grand Jury Association of New York County, and Chevalier de Legion d'Honneur, France. He died suddenly at Newport, R.I., August 15, 1946, unmarried.

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