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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Helen Maria, b. October 12, 1863. (B48,11)

2. Susan Ridley Sedgwick, b. August 14, 1866. (B48,12)

3. Henrietta Ellery, b. November 2, 1867; she resides at Berea, Ky., where she has devoted herself to bringing music and literature into the lives of that internationally prominent college community. (B48,13)

4. Francis Sedgwick, b. June 12, 1868. (B48,14)

Helen Maria Child, 1st child of Francis J. Child and Elizabeth E. (Sedgwick) Child, was born October 12, 1863, at Cambridge, Mass., and died in 1903. She married Frederick Leroy Sargent of New York City at Cambridge, Mass.

Susan Ridley Sedgwick Child, 2d child of Francis J. and Elizabeth E. (Sedgwick) Child, was born August 14, 1866, at Cambridge, Mass. She married at Cambridge, October 10, 1907, Prof. Gilbert Campbell Scoggin, born at Glass, Tenn. Episcopalians. Prof. Scoggin has taught at several American universities and at Athens, Greece. They reside at 10 Story Street, Cambridge, Mass. Children:

1. Susan Campbell, b. September 15, 1909; d. June 8, 1911.

2. Helen Elizabeth, b. July 17, 1911; d. February 26, 1919.

Francis Sedgwick Child, 4th child of Elizabeth E. (Sedgwick) Child and Francis J. Child, was born June 12, 1868, at Cambridge, Mass., and died March 2, 1935. He married at East Brimfield, Mass., November 14, 1910, Caroline Fenwick Stanger, born September 17, 1889, at Fiskdale, Mass. He was a Congregational Church clergyman of North Brookfield, Mass.

William Ellery Sedgwick, 2d child of Robert Sedgwick (B48) and Elizabeth Dana (Ellery) Sedgwick, was born March 28, 1825; died at the residence of his cousin, Henry Dwight Sedgwick, in New York City, April 16, 1873, and was buried at Stockbridge, Mass. He graduated at Harvard College in 1846, and was a lawyer in New York City. He married November 26, 1850, Constance Irving Brevoort, daughter of Henry Wortley Brevoort and Laura (Carson) Brevoort, born May 22, 1828. Children:

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