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Laura Brevoort Sedgwick, 5th child of William Ellery Sedgwick (B48,2) and Constance I. (Brevoort) Sedgwick, was born February 22, 1859, at Lenox, Mass., and died November 7, 1907. She married Henry Amman James, a lawyer of New York City, who graduated at Yale College, A.B., in 1874. They were one of the first families to establish a summer home at East Hampton, L.I. Children, both born in New York City (James):

1. Dorothy, b. May 15, 1892. (B48,251)

2. William Ellery Sedgwick, b. August 6, 1895. (B48,252)

Dorothy James, 1st child of Laura Brevoort (Sedgwick) James (B48,25) and Henry A. James, was born May 15, 1892, in New York City, and married February 4, 1924, in New York City George Griswold Haven, Yale 1887, a New York City lawyer, who died in New York City, July 21, 1926. Mrs. Haven lives at Falls Village, Conn.

William Ellery Sedgwick James, 2d child of Laura Brevoort (Sedgwick) James (B48,25) and Henry A. James, was born August 6, 1895, at East Hampton, Long Island, N.Y. and died in New York City November 25, 1932, after a long illness. He married April 25, 1917, Louise Russell Hoadley, daughter of Russell H. and Eliot (Betts) Hoadley of that city. She resides at 205 East 69th Street, New York City. Mr. James graduated at Groton School in 1913 and at Yale, A.B., in 1917. He joined the Officers Training School May 15, 1917, less than a month after his marriage, received a captaincy and was retained for the Second Training Camp; was later assigned to Chillicothe, Ohio, Training Camp and then sent to Fort Sill. He sailed in June, 1918, with the Eighty-fifth Division for France, served two months at the front, then with the Army of Occupation in Germany and was demobilized in March, 1919. He joined the financial firm of Brown Brothers and was made a member of it in 1924. Children:

1. Laura Louise, b. January 25, 1915, at Chillecothe, Ohio. (B48,252,1)

2. William Ellery Sedgwick, Jr., b. June 1, 1920, in New York City. (B48,252,2)

3. Mary Eliot, b. December 8, 1924, at Boston, Mass.; Vassar, 1945. (B48,252,3)

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