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Knipe, of Tucson. He is vice counsel in the United States Embassy at Port au Prince, Haiti. Children:

1. Henrietta Ellery, b. September 26, 1941, at Beverly, Mass. (B47,454,1)

2. Paula, b. December 15, 1943, at Washington, D.C. (B47,454,2)

Robert Sedgwick, 8th child of Judge Theodore Sedgwick (B4) and Pamela (Dwight) Sedgwick, was born June 6, 1787, at Stockbridge, Mass., and died September 2, 1841, at Sachems Head, Connecticut. He graduated at Williams College in 1804 and married August 21, 1822, Elizabeth Dana Ellery, born August 27, 1799, daughter of William Ellery and Abigail (Shaw) Ellery of Newport, R.I. William Ellery was a distinguished New York City lawyer and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Mrs. Sedgwick died September 6, 1862, at Stockbridge, Mass. Children:

1. Elizabeth Ellery, b. January 27, 1824. (B48,1)

2. William Ellery, b. March 28, 1825. (B48,2)

3. Robert, b. September 27, 1826; d. February 12, 1827.

4. Susan Ridley, b. January 28, 1828. (B48,4)

5. Henrietta Ellery, b. October 18, 1829. (B48,5)

6. Katherine (Catharine), b. October 7, 1831. (B48,6)

7. Helen Ellery, b. July 16, 1836; d. unmarried June 17, 1857. (B48,7)

8. Edith Ellery, b. April 14, 1838; d. August 28, 1838.

Elizabeth Ellery Sedgwick, 1st child of Robert Sedgwick (B48) and Elizabeth Dana (Ellery) Sedgwick, was born January 27, 1824, and died at Cambridge in 1898. She married August 20, 1860, Francis James Child, son of Joseph Child and Mary James Child of Boston. He was the first professor of English at Harvard College and the progenitor of the advanced study of English in the United States. His great work was the collection of English and Scotch popular ballads, a famous monument to scholarship. Children, all born at Cambridge, Mass. Children:

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