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Duryee, New York City, 1939-1941, when he took out a commercial aviator's license with the object of becoming an instructor in aviation or of entering the United States Army Air Corps. He entered the Air Transport Command in November 1942 at Miami, Fla., and trained at Burlington, Vt., then at Homestead, Fla., and St. Joseph, Mo. He became a Ferry Pilot flying from Miami over the Souther Route to Persia, India and Scotland, then flew regularly in the Air Transport Service on the Burma Flight from Miami. He was in the Army the last six months of service as Safety Officer at Miami and flew only on special missions. He was discharged at Tampa, Fla., December 10, 1945, with the rank of Captain. He joined the law firm of Herrich, Small, Donald and Farly, No. 1 Federal Street, Boston, Mass., and resides at 54 Bradley Road, Milton, Mass. He married February 1, 1944, at Miami, Florida Sheila Redmond, daughter of Roland L. Redmond and Sarah Delano Redmond of New York City. Children:

1. Malcolm Donald, Jr., b. October 1, 1945, at Miami, Florida. (B43,444,31)

Anna Russell Watson, 6th child of Robert Sedgwick (Watson) (B43,4) and Mary Taber (Hathaway) Watson, was born August 26, 1843. She attended Sanborn School at Concord, Mass., and married at Milton, Mass., June 21, 1869, William Jones Ladd of Portsmouth, N.H., son of Alexander Haven Ladd and Elizabeth (Jones) Ladd. William graduated at Groton School and entered Harvard College with the class of 1866 but enlisted in the 13th New Hampshire Regiment as a private and was commissioned Lieutenant in March 1863. He served as staff officer on the staffs of Generals George W. Getty, George H. Stannard, W.T.H. Brooks and Charles Devens, was wounded at Fort Harrison on September 13, 1864, and brevetted Captain for gallant and meritorious services. He took courses in civil and mining engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in 1870 was employed at the Burlington & Missouri Railroad at Burlington, Iowa and Chicago, Ill. In 1878 he entered the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company service as auditor. Harvard gave him the degree M.A. in 1891. He was active in coal mining companies, 1868-1876, and 1893, 1910 in Michigan copper mines. In 1897 he became treasurer of the Boston & Montana, the Tamarack and other mining companies. Mrs. Ladd died June 15, 1909, and he died in June 1923, at their residence 267 Adams Street, Milton Mass. Children (Ladd):

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