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1. Adelaide Watson, b. September 21, 1870, at Milton, Mass. (B43,461)

2. Robert Watson, b. November 23, 1871; d. October 21, 1893. (B43,462)

3. Alexander Haven, b. July 28, 1874, at Chicago. (B43,463)

4. Anna, b. November 11, 1876, at Chicago. (B43,464)

5. Eleanor Hathaway, b. October 29, 1878, at Milton, Mass. (B43,465)

6. William Edwards, b. September 28, 1888, at Milton, Mass. (B43,466)

7. Marian Hathaway, b. September 14, 1884, at Milton, Mass. (B43,467)

Adelaide Watson Ladd, 1st child of Anna Russell (Watson) Ladd and William Jones Ladd, was born September 21, 1870 at Milton, Mass., and married in June 1900, at Milton, Alfred Rodman Weld, son of Stephen M. Weld and Anna Rodman Weld of Dedham, Mass. Alfred was in the cotton business, and during their short married life, he and his wife travelled to Houston, Texas, where they spent several months, and to England. While his headquarters were in New York City they resided for several years in New Jersey. He died August 27, 1902. After his death Mrs. Weld lived at Boston at 453 Beacon Street and spent summers in Switzerland or Italy. She spent a winter in California, while her son was at school in Carpinteria. She spent many summers at Mount Desert, Maine, went to live with her father, William Jones Ladd, at 267 Adams Street, Milton, about 1918 and resided in his house until her death August 31, 1942. Child (Weld):

1. Stephen Minot, b. December 19, 1901, at Milton, Mass. (B43,461,1)

Stephen Minot Weld, only child of Adelaide (Ladd) Weld and Alfred Rodman Weld, was born at Milton, Mass., December 19, 1901, and graduated at Milton Academy, at Harvard College, B.A., 1923, spent a year at Liverpool, England, learning the cotton business, returned and became connected with the Old Colony Trust Company at Boston. He had been with several other

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