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He married Mary Coolidge, daughter of J. Templeman Coolidge and Katharine Scolley (Parkman) Coolidge at Portsmouth, N.H., September 6, 1905. They reside at 54 Bradley Road, Milton, Mass. Children, both born at Milton:

1. Katharine, b. March 19, 1907. (B43,444,1)

2. John Forbes, Jr., b. February 9, 1909. (B43,444,2)

3. Malcolm Donald, b. August 29, 1914. (B43,444,3)

Katharine Perkins, 1st child of John Forbes Perkins and Mary (Coolidge) Perkins, was born March 19, 1907, at Milton, Mass. She attended the Brilliamonte School, Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1924 and 1925, and Radcliffe College, 1926-7. Several of her poem were published in the Forum Magazine. She married June 15, 1927, at Jackson's Hole, Moose, Wyoming, Mitchell Gratwick, a Master of Milton Academy. She died February 1, 1930, at Buffalo, N.Y. In her memory the Katharine Perkins Gratwick Foundation was established at Milton Academy in 1930 by Mr. Gratwick. It provides annual concerts by artists of distinction. She was an accomplished musician.

John Forbes Perkins, Jr., 2d child of J.F. Perkins (B43,444) and Katharine Scolley (Coolidge) Perkins, was born February 9, 1909, at Milton, Mass., attended Milton Academy and the Thatcher School in California and Harvard College four years in the Class of 1932. He graduated from the Harvard Medical School in the Class of 1936 and was an interne in the Massachusetts General Hospital at Boston in 1937 and 1938. He married Frances Williams, daughter of Ralph B. and Susan (Jackson) Williams of Dover, Mass., July 1, 1938, at Dover, Mass. He specialized in the biochemical sciences at Harvard and was a practising physician at Tucson, Arizona. He is an instructor at the Harvard Medical School. They reside at 200 Riverway, Boston, Mass.

Malcolm Donald Perkins, 3d child of John Forbes Perkins (B43,444) and Mary (Coolidge) Perkins was born at Milton, Mass., August 29, 1914, attended LeRose School at Rolle, Switzerland, in 1925 and graduated at Milton Academy in 1932. He graduated magna cum laude at Harvard College in 1936 and at the Harvard Law School in 1939. He practiced law in the firm of Parker &

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