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N.Y., attended Milton Academy and graduated, A.B., at Sarah Lawrence College. She married Albert Lindsey Nickerson, Jr., of Dedham, Mass., son of A.L. Nickerson and Christine (Atkinson) Nickerson. He is New England Division Manager of the Socony Vacuum Oil Company. They have resided at Cambridge, Mass., and Milton, Mass., and live at 1072 Brush Hill Road, Milton, Mass. Children, both born at Boston (Nickerson):

1. Christine, b. April 22, 1938. (B43,443,41)

2. Albert Winslow, b. July 3, 1939. (B43,443,42)

Joan Perkins, 5th child of James H. Perkins (B43,443) and 4th by his second wife, Katrine P. (Coolidge) Perkins, was born June 18, 1921 at Stamford, Conn., and graduated at Vassar College, A.B., in 1943. She married John Arthur Garraty, son of Mrs. Joseph L. McCormick and the late Arthur J. Garraty, October 13, 1945. He is completing his doctorate in American History at Columbia University. They reside at Indian Chase Park, Greenwich, Conn.

John Forbes Perkins, 4th child of Jane Sedgwick (Watson) Perkins and Edward Cranch Perkins, was born March 6, 1878, at Milton, Mass., prepared at Milton Academy, graduated from Harvard College in 1899, A.B. and from the Harvard Law School in 1903. He spent a year after graduation traveling around the world. Soon after entering law practice in Boston he became counsel for the board of police at Boston and the next year entered the office of Storey, Thorndike, Palmer and Thayer in Boston. In 1909 he became vice president of the Submarine Signal Company and went to Europe ten times on the company's business. In 1915 he became treasurer of the Calumet & Hecla Mining Company. In 1919 he resigned and became a partner of J.M. Forbes & Company, going into the export and import business. When the depression came and it was evident that foreign trade would be slow in adjusting, he resigned from the firm and became a partner in Tucker, Anthony & Company, investment bankers in Boston. During the first World War he was on the "Copper Committee" which had charge of distribution of copper to the industries, and was also on the War Labor Board. He then joined the Scudder, Stevens & Clark law firm and was appointed judge of the Boston Juvenile Court. He has been a trustee of Milton Academy since 1903. He is a Unitarian.

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