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Benjamin Sedgwick, Jr., 3d child of Deacon Benjamin (B) and Ann (Thompson) Sedgwick, was born at West Hartford, Conn., baptized there March 11, 1744 (WHC)(*) and died June 16, 1778 at Canaan, Conn. His youth was spent at Cornwall where his parents moved when he was four years old. He married Mary Tuttle, daughter of Timothy and Hannah (Wadhams) Tuttle of Goshen, Conn., born December 18, 1743, at Goshen, and died June 14, 1825 (monument) or July 14, 1825 (church record). Both Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick are buried in the Canaan cemetery (monument). Benjamin first settled in Goshen and afterward moved to a farm in Canaan (1769) inherited from his father. He also became a country merchant at both places. Children, all born at Canaan:

1. Theodore, b. October 30, 1768. (B31)

2. Mary, b. in 1770. (B32)

3. Elizabeth, b. March 31, 1771. (CTR)(*) (B33)

4. Thankful Gratia, b. April 26, 1773. (CTR) (B34)

5. Lois, b. May 7, 1775. (CTR) (B35)

6. Olive, b. April 26, 1777. (CTR) (B36)

Theodore Sedgwick, oldest child of Benjamin, Jr. (B3) and Mary (Tuttle) Sedgwick, was born October 30, 1768, in Litchfield County, Conn., and died July 20, 1843, at Lee, Mass. "Found hung in the rope of the turnpike gate, supposed to have been through a fainting fit, in the absence of his wife and discovered by a stranger in passing the Gate." (LVR)(*) He married March 9, 1806, Abigail Couch of Sandisfield, Mass., born October 10, 1784, and died March 12, 1872, at Pittsfield, Mass. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sedgwick were buried at Stockbridge, Mass. (monument) They lived at Litchfield, Conn., and at Lee Mass.

Captain Theodore Sedgwick served for many years in the United States regular Army but was deprived of his commission

*(CTR) = Canaan Town Records
  (LVR) = Lee, Mass., Vital Records
  (WHC) = West Hartford Church Records

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