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in the reduction of the army under the Jefferson administration. His commission reads, "Theodore Sedgwick, Lieutenant in the second sub-legion of the Army of the United States"; dated March 19, 1793, signed by George Washington, personally, and countersigned by Secretary of War Knox. The second commission appoints Theodore Sedgwick Captain in the same second sub-legion, dated August 25, 1795, signed by Washington, countersigned by Tim Pickering, Secretary of War. His family also have a letter notifying him that he had been appointed Captain of Artillery, ordering him to report to Colonel Schuyler at New York City; dated July 2, 1812, and signed by W. Eustis. Children, the earlier believed to have been born at Litchfield, Conn., the later at Lee, Mass.:

1. Catharine Mary, b. December 29, 1806. (B31,1)

2. Louisa, b. November 29, 1808. (B31,2)

3. Theodore Russell, b. July 1, 1812. (B31,3)

4. Jane, b. June 29, 1814; d. October 15, 1815.

5. Susan, b. April 19, 1817. (B31,5)

6. William, twin, b. July 30, 1821. (B31,6)

7. Walter, twin, b. July 30, 1821. (B31,7)

8. George Washington, b. August 15, 1823. (B31,8)

Catharine Mary Sedgwick, 1st child of Captain Theodore Sedgwick (B31) and Abigail (Couch) Sedgwick, was born December 29, 1806, and died February 9, 1888. She married David Finch, a farmer of Canaan Four Corners, N.Y., born December 22, 1807, and died December 24, 1893. Both are buried in the cemetery at Sharon, Conn. (monument) As one of the sons is buried there it is believed they lived at Sharon. They had three sons (Finch):

1. George, who married February 13, 1863, Mary Jane Hall. (B31,11)

2. Henry, who married April 18, 1882, Louisa Marks. (B31,12)

3. Esek. b. 1847. (B31,13)

Esek Finch, 3d child of David and Catharine M. (Sedgwick)

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