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Harriet S. (Hunter Gray) Sedgwick, was born in New York City June 2, 1867, and graduated, A.B., at Harvard in 1888. He studied law in the office of Hornblower & Weeks and practiced law in New York City until 1905 when ill health compelled his retirement. Taking up newspaper work he spent much time abroad as correspondent of the Christian Science Monitor in Europe. In 1922 he joined the staff of the Boston Evening Transcript and later became an editorial writer on the Boston Herald. He became associated with the corporation of the Harvard School of Business Administration and was editor of the Harvard Alumni Bulletin. He retired in 1939 and wrote a book with Philip Dexter of Manchester, Mass., on war debts. He married, 1st, Rachael Merriweather Griffith of Boston, Mass., and 2d, Florence Tarr of Rockport, Mass. He died September 24, 1941, at Rockport, where he had lived several years.

Harriet Hunter Sedgwick, 2d child of John Sedgwick (B2C,7) and Harriet Storrs (Hunter) Sedgwick, was born November 8, 1869, in New York City where she graduated at Miss Jaudon's and Miss Alison's schools for young ladies. She lived 23 years in Paris. She resides at Montrose Inn, Montrose, Pa.

Rachel Sedgwick, 3d child of John Sedgwick (B2C,7) and Harriet Storrs (Hunter) Sedgwick, was born November 17, 1874, and like her sister graduated at the Jaudon and Alison schools and lived 23 years in France. She also resides at Montrose Inn, Montrose, Pa.

George Henry Sedgwick, 8th child of Roderick (B2C) and Margaret (Dean) Sedgwick, was born January 31, 1832, in New York City. He joined the Union Army in the Civil War, and was wounded at the battle of Antietam and is believed to have died from his wounds and to be buried in an unmarked grave. He was never married.

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