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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. William Berman. (B2C,61)

2. Roderick Sedgwick. (B2C,62)

3. Isabella. (B2C,63)

4. Edward. (B2C,64)

5. Margaret Stuart. (B2C,65)

John Sedgwick, 7th child of Roderick Sedgwick (B2C) and Margaret Stuart (Dean) Sedgwick, was born June 2, 1829, in New York City and died September 11, 1897, at Norfolk, Conn. He graduated at the University of New York, served as assistant to District Attorneys A. Oakey Hall and Garvin, was elected to the bench of the Superior Court in 1871 on the Apollo Hall ticket with William E. Curtis and was reelected in 1885 on a combined ticket of Republicans and Democrats by a large majority. He continued until the Superior Court was consolidated in 1894 with the Supreme Court of which he became one of its judges. He was a judge of the Supreme Court at the time of his death in 1897. He adorned the bench, upon which he presided by judicial fairness, by wide knowledge of the law. After retiring from office he formed a copartnership with Francis Bangs, another distinguished New York lawyer, father of John Kendrick Bangs, the humorist. Both resided in the northern edge of New York City where Sedgwick Avenue was named for the judge. Sedgwick Village, begun in 1946, at University and George Washington Bridge, was also named for him. The biography of John K. Bangs by his son recounts much of the career of Judge Sedgwick and of that region as it grew to be a part of the metropolis over which they raced horses mornings to the downtown district.

It has been said that Judge Sedgwick made his reputation in the District Attorney's office, his wealth as a practitioner and his popularity as a judge.

He married Mrs. Harriet S. (Hunter) Gray, widow of Henry Carter Gray. Children, all born in New York City:

1. John Hunter, b. June 2, 1867. (B2C,71)

2. Harriet, b. November 8, 1869. (B2C,72)

3. Rachel, b. November 17, 1874. (B2C,73)

John Hunter Sedgwick, 1st child of John Sedgwick (B2C,7) and

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