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Harvard, he attended his class reunion at Cambridge, Mass., and visited many United States friends and some of his Sedgwick relatives before returning to Berlin. His wife divorced him in 1936 in Bavaria. His son, Egon, had been with him and had attended St. Paul's School, London, in 1937 and 1938. The boy called upon Hitler in Berlin about September 1, 1939, as hostilities were breaking out between the Nazis and other European nations. He told Hitler of his plans to go to the United States to complete his education at Harvard. Hitler said that he must not go but the boy succeeded in making his way out of Germany, joining his father in England and taking passage for the United States on one of the last regularly scheduled steamers before the war began and the ocean was blockaded. Egon Hanfstaengl completed his freshman year successfully at Harvard and began his sophomore year. He enlisted in the air force of the United States in February, 1941, and left the university to continue his training which had begun at Harvard. He was in 1944 a Sergeant in New Guinea. According to report Ernst Hanfstaengl was interned in a London camp beginning late in 1939. In 1940 he was transferred from London to a Canadian internment camp. He came from Canada to Washington, D.C., in 1943 for a short time to answer questions by the United States Government and was then returned to Canada. During his stay in Washington a series of questioning with answers took place. The dialogue was submitted to President Franklin D. Roosevelt whom Hanfstaengl when a Harvard student had known. Hanfstaengl was released from Canada in 1947 and went to Bavaria where he has told much of his experiences. Egon retired in 1947 from the United States Army after some three years partly as an officer in the army and joined his mother in New York City. Children:

1. Egon Ludwig, b. February 3, 1921, at Munich, Bavaria. (B2C,514,1)

2. Hertha, b. July 20, 1924; d. July 28, 1929.

Elizabeth Sedgwick, 6th child of Roderick Sedgwick (B2C) and Margaret Stuart (Dean) Sedgwick, was born February 6, 1826, in New York City, died Aprill 11, 1866, in Paris, France, and was buried in Pere La Chaise, Paris. She married in New York City October 9 (or April 12), 1854, Berman Berend. They lived for a time at 208 West 23d Street, New York City and later in Paris. Children (Berend):

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