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Silsbee (B2A,36) and Joseph Lyman Silsbee, was born January 7, 1881, at Syracuse, N.Y., graduated at the Chicago Latin School and Princeton University and married October 26, 1910, at Evanston, Ill., Esther Barnard, daughter of E.E. Barnard and Marion Roosevelt Barnard of Evanston, born September 5, 1885, at Chicago. Ralph is an architect. Episcopalians. They reside at 240 Hamilton Avenue, Elyria, Ohio. Children:

1. Nancy Ann, b. July 26, 1920, at New York City. (B2A,364,1)

2. Deborah Sedgwick, b. August 29, 1923, at Chicago. (B2A,364,2)

Gladys Silsbee, 5th child of Anna Baldwin (Sedgwick) Silsbee and Joseph Lyman Silsbee, was born October 9, 1885, at Chicago and married December 16, 1916, Holyoke Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Davis of St. Paul, Minn. He is connected with a hardware firm. They live at 701 Lincoln Avenue, St.Paul, Minn. Children (Davis):

1. William 2d, b. November 2, 1917, at Syracuse, N.Y. (B2A,365,1)

2. Anna Silsbee, b. May 15, 1920, at St. Paul, Minn. (B2A,365,2)

3. Deborah Sedgwick, b. May 8, 1926, at St. Paul, Minn. (B2A,365,3)

William Davis, H, 1st child of Gladys (Silsbee) Davis (B2A, 365) and Holyoke Davis, was born November 2, 1917, at St. Paul, Minn. He entered the Navy in December, 1941, at Bremerton, Wash., and trained at Astoria, Oregon, and was aboard the United States Cruiser, San Francisco, from July, 1942, until October, 1945, serving in the Yellow Sea to be demobilized and discharged early in November, 1945, at Bremerton, Wash., as Petty Officer Second Class. The San Francisco was in fifteen major engagements during his war career.

Anna Sedgwick Silsbee, 6th child of Anna Baldwin (Sedgwick) Silsbee (B2A,36) and Joseph Lyman Silsbee, was born August 7, 1887, at Chicago, attended the Burnham School, Northampton,

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