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1. Peggy Ann, b. September 19, 1931. (B2A,362,11)

2. Frank Wade, b. January 17, 1933. (B2A,362,12)

William Henry Wade, 2d child of Margaret Burnet (Silsbee) Wade (B2A,362) and Frank Edward Wade, was born October 13, 1908, at Syracuse, N.Y., and he graduated, A.B., in 1930 at Yale University, where he was an editor of the Yale Daily News. He married at Syracuse November 26, 1934, Elsie Groat, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. William Groat of Syracuse. He was a salesman. He was killed over Holland September 17, 1944. She resides at Fayetteville, N.Y. He entered the Army Air Corps in February, 1942, at Miami Beach, Florida, as Air Corps Lieutenant, was transferred in 1944 to Air Intelligence and sent to Iceland, then England in May, 1944. He was sent over France on D Day as an official observer to report on the merit of troop carriers and gliders. His plane was struck after unloading paratroopers at 400 feet level. He served with the 72d Troop Carrier Squadron. He had been promoted to Captain and was about to be made Major when he was killed. Children, all born at Syracuse:

1. Michael Silsbee, b. January 28, 1936. (B2A,362,21)

2. Wendy, b. January 29, 1940. (B2A,362,22)

3. Sharon, b. March 15, 1941. (B2A,362,23)

Margaret Silsbee Wade, 3d child of Margaret Burnet (Silsbee) Wade (B2A,362) and Frank Edward Wade, was born at Syracuse, N.Y., February 21, 1913, and was a member of the class of 1934 at Smith College. She married, 1st, October 3, 1931, at Albany, N.Y., George Hopkins Bond, Jr., a graduate of Williams College and the Syracuse University Law School and is connected with the Syracuse law firm, Bond, Schenck and King. They were divorced in May, 1939, at Reno and she married, 2d, July 6, 1940, at Siaconset, Mass., Dr. Robert Groat of Syracuse where he practices medicine. They live at North Manlius Street, Fayetteville, N.Y. Children, both born at Syracuse (Bond):

1. Suzanne Silsbee, b. July 29, 1934. (B2A,362,31)

2. Margot, b. November 6, 1937. (B2A,362,32)

Ralph Sedgwick Silsbee, 4th child of Anna Baldwin (Sedgwick)

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