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Mass., and married November 25, 1907, at Limon, Colorado, Edward Arthur Oakley, born August 24, 1886, at New York City. He is a Princeton graduate and a salesman. They live at 129 Dewitt Street, Syracuse, N.Y. Children, all born at Colorado Springs (Oakley):

1. Llewellyn Eugene, b. September 5, 1908. (B2A,366,1)

2. Roderick Silsbee, b. January 29, 1910. (B2A,366,2)

3. Anna Elizabeth, b. July 23, 1911. (B2A,366,3)

Llewellyn Eugene Oakley, 1st child of Anna Sedgwick (Silsbee) Oakley (B2A,366) and Edward Arthur Oakley, was born September 5, 1908, at Colorado Springs, graduated at the Kent (Conn.) School and at Princeton University. He married February 14, 1942, at Cleveland, Ohio, Adele Ewing of that city. He was disqualified for military service by an old wound and is with the Montana Flour Company at 1635 Merwin Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio, where they live at 2065 Cornell Road.

Roderick Silsbee Oakley, 2d child of Anna Sedgwick (Silsbee) Oakley, (B2A,366) and Edward Arthur Oakley, was born January 29, 1910, at Colorado Springs. He attended the Kent (Conn.) School and Princeton University. He married July 7, 1934, at Narragansett, R.I., Olivia Singleton Bird, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. Hinman Bird of Armonk, N.Y. She attended the Nightingale-Bamford School, New York City, and the Shipley School, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Episcopalians. He was a broker in New York City until the second World War. He became an aviation cadet at Scott Field, Ill., in 1942 and a First Lieutenant, Army Air Forces Training Corps at Yale University, where he was an administrative officer in 1944. He was discharged from service May 1, 1946 at Mitchell Field, N.Y., with the rank of Major and is connected with the Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, New York City. They live at Whippoorwill Road, Armonk, N.Y. Children:

1. Charlotte Silsbee, b. March 3, 1933. (B2A,366,21)

2. Lyman, b. August 7, 1937. (B2A,366,22)

Anna Elizabeth Oakley, 3d child of Anna Sedgwick (Silsbee) Oakley (B2A,366) and Edward Arthur Oakley, was born July 23, 1911, at Colorado Springs. She married October 4, 1935, at New

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