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Canadian Chamber of Commerce; Deputy Coordinator of Textiles, Wartime Prices and Trade Board, 1943 and 1944. They reside at Summerhill Terrace, Montreal. Children, born at Montreal:

1. Henry Colin, b. July 17, 1922. (B15,217,31)

2. David Walker, b. May 10, 1926. (B15,217,32)

3. James Stuart, b. September 6, 1930. (B15,217,33)

Henry Colin Morgan, 1st child of Henry William Morgan (B15,217,3) and Gertrude M.L. (Walker) Morgan, was born at Montreal July 17, 1922, graduated at Bishops College School, Montreal, in June, 1940, and attended McGill University until September, 1941, when he entered the Canadian Air Force at Montreal. He trained at Toronto, Ontario, with the Canadian Air Force as Air Craftsman, 2d; at St. Hubert and Montreal, Canada, as Leading Air Craftsman, Sergeant and Pilot Officer; went overseas in December, 1942, and in England was attached to the Royal Air Force as Flying Officer with the Royal Air Force Transport Command. He flew between England and Africa from February, 1943, to July, 1944. In August, 1944, he was sent to India as a Flying Officer and was stationed near Karachi. Later he was promoted to Flight Lieutenant and was stationed near Nagpur where he crashed and was killed July 10, 1945, while searching for his commanding officer who was late returning to his station after a flight. He was a Flight Lieutenant when his life ended.

David Walker Morgan, 2d child of Henry William Morgan (B15,217,3) and Gertrude Marie Louise (Walker) Morgan, was born May 10, 1926, at Montreal. He completed three years at McGill University served 12 months in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Revenue Service. He returned to McGill University to complete his Arts course in 1947.

Charles Lockwood Gold, 8th child of Theodore S. Gold (B15,21) and Emmaline (Tracy) Gold, was born April 14, 1863, on the Gold estate at Cream Hill, West Cornwall, Conn., was educated at Hopkins Grammar School at New Haven, which is 75 years older than Yale College, and graduated in 1883 at the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University. Upon graduation

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