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he returned to the home farm of eight hundred acres and managed it until his death when it passed by will to his son, Theodore Sedgwick Gold. Dairy products and apples were the principal sources of farm revenue. His leadership in Connecticut agriculture was accorded honorary recognition by the state in 1936. Farm marketing problems received much of his attention as he carried on the traditions and system handed down by his father, who was the first executive secretary of the Connecticut Board of Agriculture and was probably its organizer. He was active in the formation of the Dairymen's League and was prominent in the successful milk strike settlement in the New York market in 1916, was a member of the Connecticut General Assembly (legislature) and had been judge of probate, chairman of the school board, registrar of voters and tax collector at Cornwall.
    Mr. Gold married, 1st, December 19, 1900, at Cornwall, Clara Benton Sedgwick, daughter of Harry Sedgwick (B29,153) and Katherine (Reed) Sedgwick of Cornwall. She died July 22, 1919, and he married, 2d, April 8, 1921, Sylvia Rogers, daughter of Dwight and Lucy Louisa (Leete) Rogers, born at Cornwall. He died in the Hungerford Hospital at Torrington, Conn., August 21, 1940. Mrs. Gold resides at Cream Hill Farm with her stepson, Theodore. Children by first wife:

1. Theodore Sedgwick, b. May 7, 1902. (B15,218,1)

2. James Douglas, 2d, b. October 15, 1905; d. March 5, 1920.

3. Benjamin Cleveland, b. February 24, 1915. (B15,218,3)

Theodore Sedgwick Gold, 1st child of Charles Lockwood Gold (B15,218) and Clara B. (Sedgwick) Gold (B29,153), was born May 7, 1902, at Cornwall, Conn., and married at Erie, Pa., April 12, 1932, Elizabeth Calhoun Beers, daughter of Ralph Silas Beers and Grace (Hubbard) Beers, born July 26, 1909, at Schenectady, N.Y. Mr. Gold attended the Rumsey Hall School of Cornwall and the Hotchkiss School of Lakeville, Conn., and graduated, B.S., at the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University in 1924. He was associated with his father for several years in business and manages the Cream Hill Farm at Corwall. Children:

1. Sarah Harrison, b. May 28, 1934, at Cornwall; d. July 7, 1935, at New Haven, Conn.

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