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6. Charlotte Ruggles, b. July 7, 1806; d. October 18, 1808.

7. Thomas Ruggles, Jr., b. March 11, 1809. (B14,7)

Mary S. Gold, 3d child of Thomas R. Gold (B14) and Sarah (Sill) Gold, was born July 23, 1796, presumably at Whitesboro, N.Y., and died April 4, 1877. She married John Peck and they lived in New York City. Child (Peck);

1. Henry D., m. in 1870 an adopted daughter of Horace L. Sill of Lyme, Conn., and they lived at Staunton, Va. (B14,31) Children (Peck):

a. John Sedgwick, graduated at Cornell, m. in 1900 Miss Arnold of Boston. (B14,311)

b. Horace Sill, member of the firm of E.J. Knight & Co., bankers, Providence, R.I. (B14,312)

c. Louis T., draftsman, Providence, R.I. (B14,313)

d. Jennie M., teacher of elocution, Nashville, Tenn. (B14,314)

e. Daughter. (B14,315)

Thomas Ruggles Gold, Jr., 7th child of Thomas R. Gold (B14) and Sarah (Sill) Gold, was born March 11, 1809, and died October 8, 1846. He married Martha, by whom he had three children. His widow married, 2d, S. Newton Dexter; she died October 5, 1898, aged 89 years. Children of Thomas R. Gold, Jr:

1. Anna Louisa. (B14,71)

2. Gertrude, m. James Farwell. (B14,72)

3. Thomas Raymond, who lived in Chicago. (B14,73)

Anna Louisa Gold, 1st child of Thomas Ruggles Gold, Jr. (B147), married, 1st, William Pierson Johnes, who died in 1853. They had one son. She married, 2d, in 1859, Rev. J.S. Shipman of Christ Church, New York City. They had six children. Child, by first husband (Johnes):

1. Edward Rodolph, b. at Whitesboro, Oneida County, N.Y. (B14,711)

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