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A Sedgwick Genealogy: Descendants of Deacon Benjamin Sedgwick
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1. Henry Martin, b. July 25, 1837; killed in Civil War. (B13,D1)

2. Myron Swift, b. December 1, 1842. (B13,D2)

3. Ethel Edward, b. February 9, 1847. (B13,D3)

Job Swift Gold, 14th child of Deacon Benjamin and Eleanor (Johnson) Gold, was born November 27, 1810, and died June 18, 1844. He married October 28, 1835, Catherine B. Smith. He graduated from Yale in 1834. Children:

1. Lincoln Swift, b. October 1, 1837. He married his cousin Martha Ramsay Gold (B13,A). (B13,E1)

2. Cornelius Boudinott, b. June 27, 1839. (B13,E2)

3. Walter, b. February 22, 1842; d. February 22, 1853.

4. Henry Smith, b. March 31, 1844. (B13,E4)

Thomas Ruggles Gold, 4th child of Sarah (Sedgwick) Gold (B1) and Hezekiah Gold, was born November 4, 1764, at Cornwall, Conn., and died October 24, 1827, at Whitesboro, Oneida County, N.Y., where he resided. He married about 1787, Sarah, daughter of Dr. Elisha Sill. He was named for his great-grandfather, Rev. Thomas Ruggles of Guilford, Conn., upon the never fulfilled promise of a library. This accounts for the two brothers named Thomas. He graduated at Yale in 1786, studied law and in 1792 located at Whitesboro and was admitted to the Oneida County Bar that year. He became a prominent member of that community and late in life was interested in religion. He was assistant attorney general, 1797-1801; State Senator, 1796-1802; Representative, State Assembly, 1807; member of Congress, 1810-13. Children:

1. Hezekiah, b. September 17, 1788; drowned June, 1792.

2. Harriet L., b. July 30, 1790; d. August 5, 1873; married Rev. John Frost. (B142)

3. Mary S., b. June 9, 1794. (B143)

4. Theodore S., b. July 23, 1796; d. at Utica; left one daughter, Mrs. Andrew Dexter of New York. (B144)

5. Sarah P., b. March 10, 1801; d. 1866; m. William B. Walton. (B145)

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