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Edward Rodolph Johnes, 1st child of Anna Louisa (Gold) Johnes (B14,71) and William Pierson Johnes, was born at Whitesboro, Oneida County, N.Y. He graduated at Yale College in 1873 and from the Columbia Law School in 1876. He married April 18, 1883, May Harris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Harris, of Louisville, Ky. They had two sons, Edward and Raymond.
    He was an outstanding member of the New York City Bar until his death March 28, 1903. He represented South American countries in cases involving international rights, notably in the Anglo-Venezuelan dispute in 1896, involving the Monroe Doctrine. He was the author of the document that led the United States to build the Nicaragua Canal. He wrote the Johns' (Johnes) genealogy. They lived at flushing, L.I. Children:

1. Edward Gold Johnes. (B14,711,1)

2. Raymond Johnes. (B14,711,2)

Hezekiah Gold, 5th and youngest child of Sarah (Sedgwick) Gold (B1) and Rev. Hezekiah Gold, was born August 1, 1766, at Cornwall, Conn.. and died February 22, 1847, aged 81. He married October 24, 1788, Rachel Wadsworth, only daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Douglas) Wadsworth. Chaptain Hezekiah Gold, Jr. was a prosperous farmer and state militiaman of Cornwall. Part of his farm, which has come down through the male line of son, grandson and great-grandson, was owned by Charles Lockwood Gold until his death in 1940 and passed to his family. Children:

1. Sally Maria, b. October 19, 1789. (B15,1)

2. Samuel Wadsworth, b. September 27, 1794. (B15,2)

3. Julia R., b. May 31, 1800. (B15,3)

4. Laura Sedgwick, b. May 26, 1804. (B15,4)

Sally Maria Gold, 1st child of Captain Hezekiah Gold, Jr. (B15) and Rachael (Wadsworth) Gold, was born October 19, 1789, and died January 28, 1847. She married March 4, 1810, Hon. Edward Rogers, b. May 30, 1789, and died May 29, 1857, oldest son of Captain Edward and Hannah (Jackson) Rogers. He graduated at Williams College, studied law at Litchfield, Conn., settled and

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