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at pretending to be dying because the marriage was opposed. The Agents denounced Harriet and her consenting parents as "criminal." Rev. Herman Vail, who had married Flora Gold (B13,9) still another sister of Harriet, wrote a 5,000 word letter condemning the proposed marriage against a background of Puritan orthodoxy. Harriet's farmer father, Dea., Benjamin Gold (B13) told Herman his charges were unjust. The deacon allowed the marriage. Brother Stephen worked sullenly in his sawmill during the ceremony. Over in Litchfield editor Isaiah Bunce denounced the Town of Cornwall, the school and the missionaries and called Sarah Northrup, who had married Cherokee John Ridge, a squaw and said that the girl should be whipped, the Indian hung and the mother drowned. Harriet aided her husband in elevating the Cherokee tribe to its proud position in Georgia. Their six children became leaders of the tribe. Boudinott translated the Bible into Cherokese. Elias Boudinott's brother, Stand Watie, became a brigadier general in the Confederate army, the last general to surrender to the Union. One of Harriet's half-Cherokee sons joined the Union Army and was fatally wounded before Richmond. Unjust Georgia laws forced the Cherokees to remove to the West. Elias advocated the removal and was shot by men who accused him of treachery to his own people after their arrival at Indian territory. Harriet died just before the tragic trek West. The children of the couple who wrote the sad and turbulent chapter of American history were (Boudinott):

1. Elinor Susan, b. May 4, 1827. (B13,C1)

2. Mary Harriet, b. October 5, 1828. (B13,C2)

3. William Penn, b. February 4, 1830. (B13,C3)

4. Sarah Parkhill, b. February 24, 1832; d. August 29, 1845. (B13,C4)

5. Elias Cornelius, b. August 1, 1834, whose 2d wife was Delight Sargent of Manchester, Vt., sister of Judge Sargent. (B13,C5)

6. Frank Brinsmade, b. May 15, 1836; captain of New York Mounted Rifles; d. as a result of fall from horse. (B13,C6)

Hezekiah Sedgwick Gold, 13th child of Deacon Benjamin and Eleanor (Johnson) Gold was born June 6, 1807. He married September 6, 1836, Chloe A. Peet. Children:

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