Joshua Sedwick
b. March 13, 1743/44
d. April 1790, Frederick County, Maryland
m. Joshan Manning,
     February 10, 1774, Calvert County, Maryland

photo at right by H M Sedgwick Photographer
photo of a painting or drawing
note on back says "My father, Joshua",
assumed to be Howard's father's father Joshua.

Joshua Sedgwick.
He is the head of a large family of descendants.
There is no consensus on his ancestry.

Some say he was born in England, citing his grandson Reverend Benjamin Franklin Sedwick, who claimed in a Semi-centennial Sermon preached June 17, 1883, at Roberts Chapel, Nashville, Tennessee, that his grandfather was born in England.

"My father, Thomas M Sedwick, was born in Maryland February 14, 1768. His father and Governor Joshua Johnson of Maryland, married sisters, in the Mannon family, in England, and came to America, Johnson with a commission as Governor of Maryland, and grandfather holding a position under him. At the time of the Revolutionary War he was stationed five miles from Baltimore to guard that pass, and watch the movements of the British forces in that direction. This was a post of great danger; he had his property all destroyed, and staked his life for his country."

Others say he was descended from Thomas Sedwick through son Joshua and grandson Joshua, and that Rev B F Sedwick simply didn't know his ancestry. There are clearly points of confusion in his sermon. I agree with them, that the sermon should be ignored, that Joshua was the great-grandson of Thomas. That is why I have included him in the Thomas Sedwick section.

Some reports show Joshua's death date as 1794, but I have seen a reference that Joshan remarried her cousin John Montgomery on April 10, 1792, said to be a reliable date.

This is the beginning of an organized presentation of Joshua's descendants. This document should be permanently in place. So also should the the photos and documents linked from here. The intent is that nothing will have to be removed or moved, but that additional pages will be added, and that these documents will be linked from or contained in the new documents.

Thes photos and documents were provided by Nola Miles Rogers (lots of them), Liz Klukas, Steve Schall, Una Bowman and Jo Ann Sedgwick. Thank you all for each item. If I missed anyone in this list, let me know. I'll get proper acknowledgement for each item on the coming documents.

William Thomas Sedgwick (1810 - 1879) (Thomas Manning)
photo,   Bible births,   births 2,   Bible marriages,   grave monument,   grave detail
Elizabeth (Fletcher) Sedgwick (1812 - 1881) wife of William Thomas Sedgwick
photo,   grave
George Fletcher Sedwick (Thomas Manning / William Thomas)
Manuscript: My Most Interesting Ancestor,   photo
Dorothy Mae Henderson great-granddaughter of George Fletcher Sedwick
George Cook Sedgwick (1785 - 1864)
photos: 5 generations
George Cook Sedgwick, Robert Hall Sedgwick, William H Sedgwick,
William Hadden Sedgwick, and William Stewart Sedgwick
Robert Hall Sedgwick (1808 - 1888) (George Cook)
obituary,   obituary,   obituary
Thomas Stewart Sedgwick (1828 - 1904) (George Cook, Robert Hall)
William Hadden Sedgwick (1833 - 1895) (George Cook, Robert Hall)
photo: 3 generations, note on back:
William H Sedgwick Sr. 60 yrs of age
William H Sedgwick Jr. 29 Yrs of age
William Stewart Sedgwick age 3 yrs on Apr 1894
taken Jan 2 1894 Newark, Ohio
family reunion,   obituary,   obituary
Sarah Electa (Granger) Sedgwick wife of William Hadden Sedgwick
William H Sedgwick (1864 - 1932) (GC, RH, WH)
business card,   obituary,   obituary
Bessie Bain (Baldwin) Sedgwick (1867 - 1928) wife of William H Sedgwick
William Stewart Sedgwick (1891 - 1969) (GC, RH, WH, WH)
photo taken at a Baptist reunion in Granville Ohio in 1930
front row: William Sedgwick, John Roger Sedgwick (children),
Father William Stewart Sedgwick holding Ruth Sedgwick (Ruth Sedgwick DeBevoise)
behind them are William Hadden Sedgwick, Edna Waterman Sedgwick
Granville 125 year celebration,   obituary
Edna (Waterman) Sedgwick (1891 - 1972) wife of William Stewart Sedgwick
photo,   obituary
Ruth Sedgwick (Ruth Sedgwick DeBevoise) (GC, RH, WH, WH, WS)
photo age 16
Samuel Robinson Murdock husband of Margaret Louisa Caroline Sedgwick (GC, RH)
photo and funeral
husband of Margaret Louisa Caroline Sedgwick, daughter of Robert Hall Sedgwick
apparently from Daily Colusa, California, Saturday evening May 3, the year has been cut off.
Irene Kimball Sedgwick Armstrong wife (1843-?) of William S Sedgwick (George Cook)
death certificate from Jo Ann Sedgwick
Sarah Louise (Brown) Sedgwick wife (1865-?) of Kimball Sedgwick (George Cook)
personal history written by her,   death certificate of father from Jo Ann Sedgwick
Joseph Holden Sedgwick (George Cook)
photo: 4 generations from Liz Klukas
Joseph Holden Sedgwick, John Dare Sedgwick, Ralph Foster Sedgwick
and John Smith Sedgwick
Cora Dykens (Hardy) Sedgwick wife of John Dare Sedgwick
photo from Liz Klukas
Edgar Crayton Sedgwick (Howard Malcolm)
death certificate from Jo Ann Sedgwick
Reverend William A M Sedgwick (1790 - 1871)
photo note on back says' "My brother Will."
Assumed to be Rev William A M Sedgwick, brother of George Cook Sedgwick.
Leroy Cyrus Sedgwick (1845 - 1942) (William AM, George Cyrus)
anniversary,   speaks at church anniversary,   the church,   obituary
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