Transcription of handwritten history by Louise Brown Sedgwick June 18, 1947

"The family of Charles Armstrong and Elizabeth Slocum."

"Charles was born on Nov 14, 1809 in Scranton Pa, coming to Sunbury Ohio in 1818. Elizabeth Slocum was born March 30 1814 near Wilksburry Pa, came to Sunbury Ohio with her parents in covered wagon 1828. Charles Armstrong & Elizabeth Slocum were married March 30, 1836. They bought the farm at south edge of Sunbury and built a new house, their was a log cabin on the place, which they lived in while building. To this union 6 children were born, Benjamin Jan 4 1837 died at 2 years. Sarah born Sept 24 1839. Edson born March 24 1841, Geo born May 26, 1843, James May 31, 1845 died 2 years later Henry, June 8 1848 died by drownding in uncovered cistern at 2 1/2 year.

Sarah was married to Watson Henry Brown of Willoughby, Ohio October 7, 1863. They had one daughter Sarah Louise born Oct 23 1865. Sarah Armstrong Brown passed away Nov 14, 1865. After the death of his wife, Watson asked Grandmother Armstrong if she would take the baby Lou, which she did, bringing her too Sunbury, where she has alway's lived.

George Armstrong married Emily Kimball April 3 1867, to their union were born 4 children Arthur & Edson dieing in infancy.

Burt was born March 23, 1870 and Mable June 23 1873

Burt married Lulu Webster Oct 12 1892, they had no family, Lou passing away Jan 26, 1944. Mable married Virgil Brevoort July 16 1900, too this union was born Henry A & Emily K. Henry married and lives in New York. Emily married Raymond Murdock and have one son Robert B__ they live in Pittsburg Pa. After the death of Charles Armstrong the father, on Oct 26 1870, Geo and Emily with their family, Burt and Mable moved in with Grandmother A__ & Lou, and looked after the farm. In the spring of 1875 while making soap Emilys dress caught fire, she lived 24 hr, dying April 27, 1875.

The following year Uncle Geo married Irene Kimball Sedgwick sister of Emilys and widow of Rev Will S. Sedgwick, he having passed away Sept 29 1866 is buried in Bargtown, KY.1

Irene, with her 2 son's Kimball & Geo C. came to live on the farm. Grandmother & Lou living in part of the house. To this union Charles Otis was born May 15 1877.

Geo Sedgwick was killed near the depot while helping switch cars, Nov 3 1881 at the age of 15. At the Armstrong home the only two who were not related was Kimball Sedgwick and Lou Brown, as they had grown up together and knew each other very well, they got married on Feb 18, 1885.

They bought a home on Columbus St, just back of K.P. Hall and lived their from March 1st 1885 to Oct 16 1915, they had sold the home and moved or bought the O. D. Hough place, where Geo Strong now lives. Grandmother Armstrong lived with us until she was called home 1896. To Kimball & Louise Sedgwick were born 5 children. Twins a boy & girl lost at 7 mo, Oct 23 1885. Geo W. born March 22, 1889, Irene Elizabeth Sept 24, 1894 and Roland Armstrong Oct 17 1899. Geo went west in 1911 first too Colorado, then Calif, finely locating in Imperial, where he made butter, his traid. He met and married Opal Loffer August 28, 1914. Geo & Opal came to Sunbury in 1915, when his Father was very sick, while here their son Geo Jr was born Dec 29 1915 and two years later a daughter Elizabeth Irene was born Jan 2 1918. On May 30 1918 Kimball Sedgwick passed away of Bright dease. Geo & family were here until Feb 19 1919, then returned to Calif, where he has lived ever since.

Roland A. married Martha Wallace March 12, 1926 and live in Columbus. He went too night school and took law while working in 5th Ave Bank. They have no family.

In 1935 Geo Jr & Elizabeth or Betty came to make us a visit. Betty stayed and went to O.S.U. & lived with Roland & Martha. Geo Jr returned to Long Beach. Betty was married too Wilson S. Rucker June 14, 1939. They have 3 fine boys, 6 1/2, 5, & 6 mo. Geo Jr was in the service as was Wilson. Geo Jr met a lovley girl while at Camp Polk, and when he cam home they were married Jan 16, 1946. her name was Roberta Hogue she is from Texas, and they live down their, they have a baby boy born Oct 21 1947."

"Written by Louise Brown Sedgwick June 18, 1947"

Notes (not part of original letter):

1 "Rev. W. S. Sedwick d. 29 Sep 1866, 30 years old" Nelson County, Kentucky, Cemeteries, Vol IV, page 134, Bardstown City Cemetery, extracted by Bena Kirkscey.