Edith Sedgwick  aka "Edie Sedgwick"
  parents: [Francis Minturn Sedgwick / Alice Delano de Forest]
b. April 20, 1943, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
d. November 16, 1971, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
m. July 24, 1971, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, Michael Post

Edie Sedgwick in the 1960's a model and star some of the films that Andy Warhol made at "The Factory." There seem to be a lot of people who knew of her at the time, and a lot of others who are interested in her today.

Photos from:
Warhol's Factory - The Velvet Years 1965-67
Photographs by Stephen Shore; Text by Lynne Tillman
Thunder's Mouth Press, Spain, 1995

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