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Church, New York City, Alice Delano de Forest, daughter of Henry Wheeler de Forest and Julia Noyes de Forest, born November 6, 1908, at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, N.Y. He attended Groton School and graduated from Harvard, A.B., 1926, attended Trinity College, England, 1926-27; and the Harvard School of Business Administration, 1929-30. He owns Rancho Corral de Quati, P.O. Box 86, Los Olivos, California, and has a studio at 61 Fifty-Seventh Street, New York City. They have a residence at Cold Spring Harbor, L.I., N.Y. He is a painter and sculptor, exhibited a bronze head at a recent annual exhibition in New York City. He is a member of the Knickerbocker, Century and Harvard Clubs of New York City. "I'm primarily a rancher and ALSO painter and sculptor," he writes, "not the other way around; at the moment at any rate. Asthma kept me out of the armed forces." Children:

1. Alice, b. August 29, 1931, at Santa Barbara, Cal. (B47,423,1)

2. Robert Minturn, 2d, b. September 24, 1933, at Santa Barbara, Cal. (B47,423,2)

3. Pamela, b. August 14, 1935, in N.Y. City. (B47,423,3)

4. Francis Minturn, Jr., b. March 4, 1937, in N.Y. City. (B47,423,4)

5. Jonathan Minturn, b. December 9, 1939, in N.Y. City. (B47,423,5)

6. Katherine, b. December 6, 1941, in N.Y. City. (B47, 423,6)

7. Edith, b. April 20, 1943, at Santa Barbara, Cal. (B47,423,7)

8. Susanna, b. January 17, 1945, at Santa Barbara, Cal. (B47,423,8)

Theodore Sedgwick, 3d child of Henry Dwight Sedgwick II (B47,4) and Henrietta (Ellery) Sedgwick, was born August 2, 1863, at Stockbridge, Mass., and married at St. Paul, Minn., May, 1903, Mary Aspinwall Bend, daughter of General William Bradford Bend and Isabella (Tomes) Bend of St. Paul, Minn., born July 22, 1878, in that city. Theodore graduated at Harvard, A.B., 1886, and at the Berkeley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn., 1890.

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