Francis Minturn Sedgwick

Francis Minturn Sedgwick AKA "Duke"
  parents: [Henry Dwight Sedgwick III / Sarah May Minturn]
b. March 13, 1904, New York, New York, New York
d. October 24, 1967, Santa Barbara County, California
m. May 08, 1929, New York, New York, New York, Alice Delano de Forest

Alice Delano de Forest  [Henry Wheeler de Forest / Julia Gilman Noyes]
b. November 6, 1908, Cold Spring Harbor, Suffolk (Long Island), New York
d. August 14, 1988, Santa Barbara County, California

Census records:

1920 MA Middlesex, Cambridge
1930 MA Middlesex, Cambridge

Francis Minturn Sedgwick was a rancher and a sculptor. He was the father of Edie Sedgwick. He and his wife Alice Delano de Forest moved to Santa Barbara County, California, where they purchased the Rancho Corral de Quati and became cattle ranchers "to support the war effort." Some people have all the luck; oil was discovered on the ranch. He purchased the larger Rancho La Laguna, the major part of which he and his wife later bequeathed to the University of California, where it is known as the Sedgwick Reserve.

A good short history of Francis Minturn Sedgwick is found in his obituaries.

Here is a collection of photos of Sculptures by Francis Minturn Sedgwick


Alice Sedgwick
  b. August 29, 1931, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
  m. Hellmut Wohl
Robert Minturn Sedgwick, II
  b. September 24, 1933, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
  d. January 14, 1965, New York, New York
Pamela Sedgwick
  b. August 14, 1935, New York, New York
  d. April 16, 2008, [San Francisco, San Francisco, California]
  m1 August 14, 1954, Jerome Rockhill Dwight
  m2 July 28, 1979, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, Richmond Prescott
Francis Minturn Sedgwick, Jr
  b. March 04, 1937, New York, New York
  d. 1964
Jonathan de Forest Minturn Sedgwick
  b. December 9, 1939, New York, New York
  m. March 01, 1980, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, Anne Marie Kirst
Katherine Sedgwick
  b. December 06, 1941, New York, New York
  m. Soren "Sam" Hanberg
Edith Sedgwick  aka "Edie Sedgwick"
  b. April 20, 1943, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
  d. November 16, 1971, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
  m. July 24, 1971, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California, Michael Post
Susanna Sedgwick
  b. January 17, 1945, Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, California
  m. John Howard Gemmell

Obituary of Pamela Sedgwick Prescott:

Pamela Sedgwick Prescott Pamela Sedgwick Prescott Born on August 14, 1935, died unexpectedly on April 16, 2008. The cause of death was emesis with aspiration. She is survived by her husband Richmond Prescott; her children: Jonathan, Jay and Leila Dwight; her grandchildren: Jordan, Lauren, Isabel and Eamon Dwight; children of her husband: Ellen Prescott, Molly Porter and Phebe Greenwood and their children, and siblings Alice Wohl, Jonathan Sedgwick, Susanna Sedgwick and Kate Hanberg. Pamela spent her early childhood on Long Island before moving to Santa Barbara, CA. She attended St. Timothy's School in Stevenson, Maryland, and Smith College before coming to San Francisco. She loved music, opera and art and was a skilled bridge player. Her forte was gourmet cooking. She volunteered in her community and supported environmental conservation. Friends are invited to a Memorial Service at St. James Episcopal Church, California St., at 8th Ave., S.F., at 4:00 PM on Sat., April 26. Donations may be made to Medecins Sans Frontieres, 333 Seventh Ave., New York, NY 10001. -San Francisco Chronicle 4/18/2008
Robert Minturn Sedgwick II death date from brother Jonathan Sedgwick in email 12/5/2011. "...he died from a motorcycle accident in New York City on January 14th, 1965. I came across an article in the Harvard Crimson stating that Special Student Robert M. Sedgwick died on that date."