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The Sedgwick Collection at the New Haven Colony Historical Society
Box 6 Folder I

MSS-B46 Box 6
SheetCodeFirst Person on sheet
1414,2Anne Sedgwick
2414,312Elmira Sedgwick Sanford
3414,321,1Mary Margaret Sanford
4414,324Minot Sedgwick Sanford
5414,4Hiram Sedgwick
6414,41Charlotte Sedgwick
7414,412,11Louise Ruggles
8414,413Helen Matilda Sedgwick
9414,413,6George Gillette
10414,414Emily Elizabeth Sedgwick
11414,418Hiram G Sedgwick
12414,419Frederick Sedgwick
13414,419,3Robert Howe Sedgwick
14414,41ACarrie Sedgwick
15414,41A,5Sue Bussey
16414,42William Sedgwick
17414,44Mary Sedgwick
18415Experience Sedgwick
19418Titus Sedgwick
20418,23Myron Sedgwick
21418,231,4Willis Adelbert Sedgwick
22418,231,51Mary Cornelia Foster
23418,231,57Dorothy Margaret Foster
24418,231,6Rutherford Burnell Sedgwick
25418,232George Oliver Sedgwick
26418,232,13Aaron Eugene Sedgwick
27418,234Albert Sedgwick
28418,235Edmund Sedgwick
29418,24Martin Sedgwoick
30418,242George Edward Sedgwick
31418,25Samuel Sedgwick
32418,252Irving M Sedgwick
33418,254Cynthia Susan Albina Sedgwick
34418,254,2Herbert Russell Jones
35418,254,5Jessie Lucina Jones
36418,254,7Estella Ruth Jones
37418,256Robert Narco Sedgwick
38418,256,2Edna May Sedgwick
39418,26Hannah Sedgwick
40418,272,3Frank Edgar Sedgwick
41419Ebenezer Sedgwick
42419,5Joel Sedgwick
4341ARuth Sedgwick