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SAMUEL SEDGWICK, JR., oldest child of Capt. Samuel and Mary (Hopkins) Sedgwick, was born Aug. 22, 1690, in West Hartford, Conn., and died Dec. 25, 1724, aged 34, (HVR) or Dec. 18, 1725, (monument). He married Feb. 1, 1711, Ruth Peck, daughter of Deacon Paul and Elizabeth (Baisie) Peck, of Hartford. She was bap. June 3, 1688, and buried Oct. 27, 1760, at Wallingford (Jacobus). After the death of Samuel, Jr., his widow married (2nd) Jan. 3, 1728, Samuel Culver, of Wallingford. She was his second wife, his first wife also Ruth, having died Jan. 18, 1727. There were two children by this second marriage.

Samuel Sedgwick, Jr., was one of the "Original Proprietors" of Litchfield, Conn., but did not settle there. He was also one of the "Original Proprietors" of Harwinton, Conn.

His father's will reads:- "I give unto my son Samuel Sedgwick's children, besides what I have already given them by deeds of gift, 5 shillings apiece."

His mother's will says:- "I give to the children of my son Samuel, deceased, 20 shillings old tenor, 5 shillings to each of them, and order that my hetchel be sold to pay the same."

In March, l726, Ruth the widow of Samuel, Jr., was made guardian of the children, Ruth, Mary, Jerusha, Daniel and Thankful.

The children of Samuel, Jr., and Ruth, were:

1. Ruth Sedgwick, b. Jan 22, 1712. (11)
2. Mary Sedgwick, b. Jan 7, 1714, twin. (12)
3. Jerusha Sedgwick, b. Jan.7, 1714, twin. (13)
4. Samuel Sedgwick, b. Jan 18, 1717; d. Jan. 8, l725.
5. Daniel Sedgwick, b. Jul 24, 1719. (15)
6. Thankful Sedgwlok, b. Apr 21, 1721. (16)

RUTH SEDGWICK, oldest child of Samuel, Jr., was born Jan. 22, 1712, in West Hartford, Conn., and died in 1799. (Jacobus) She married Aug. 31, 1732, Caleb Merriman, Esq., deacon, of Wallingford, Conn., who died June 2, 1770, of smallpox. Ruth and Caleb lived at Wallingford, where the births of their children were recorded, as follows:

1. Sarah Merriman, b. May 25, 1733.
2. George Merriman b. 1738; d. Apr 24, 1767.
3. Elizabeth Merriman, b. Nov 24, 1739.
4. Ruth Merriman, b. Nov 1, 1741.