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MARY SEDGWICKE, daughter of William Sedgwicke, of Com. Yorke, and Elizabeth Lowe (or Howe) his wife, was born at Woburn, Bed- fordshire, England, and baptised there April 1, 1607. She married Robert Houghton of the Parish of St. Olaves, Southworth, County of Surrey, a brewer, son of Nicholas Houghton of London, fishmonger, and Elinor, daughter of Gregory Newman.

"Mary Houghton" is called "sister" in the wills of William and John Sedgwicke, and the latter devised to her and her daughter Martha £150.0.0

Robert Houghton in his will of Dec. 35, 1653, proved at Westminster, Jan. 7, 1653-4, devised to his wife "£600.0.0 in money and all my household stuff whatsoever; also my house and land in Lewisham." This will also mentions the following:

MARTHA, daughter, who received £400.0.0 She is called "God-daughter" in John Sedgwicke's will, and with her mother received 150.0.0
SARAH, daughter, received £400.0.0
HANNAH, daughter, received £400.0.0
MARY, daughter and wife of John Planner. Their son received £50.0.0
ELIZABETH, daughter and wife of John Wilcox.
ROBERT, son and heir, 4 yrs. old in 1633.
MARY, "2 yrs. old."
(The last two names are from a diagram of the Houghton family, in N. E. Vol. 42, p. 66.)
MARY NORTON, "sister and wife of Francis Norton, of Charlestowne, in Newe England." She received £100.0.0
WILLIAM SEDGWICKE, `loving brother'.
FRANCIS SEDGWICKE, `loving brother.' These last two were to have £5.0.0 each to buy "ringes" with, and were appointed `overseer' of the estate.
(see N. E. Vol. 40, p. 66-7.)

WILLIAM SEDGWICKE, "son of William Sedgwick of London, Gent." and Elizabeth Lowe (or Howe), (N.E. 42, p. 68.) "the elder of Lewisham, Kent, according to Probate Act." (N.E. 42, p. 67), was born at Woburn, Bedfordshire, England, and baptized there Aug. 17, 1609. He died, probably at London, between Nov. 28, 1663, the date of his will, and Feb. 26, 1663-4, when it was proved. As there is no mention of his wife in his will, she probably died before he did. He was called a Puritan and Mystic.

William Sedgwick matriculated at Pembroke College, Oxford, on Dec. 3, 1625, aged 15, and graduated B. A. June 31, 1628, and M. A. May 4, 1631. His tutor was George Hughes.

Having taken his degree and Holy Orders, and at the presentation of two of his relatives, Stephen and John Sedgwicke, he was instituted into the Rectory of Farnum, Essex, on Feb. 5, 1634-5. He held the living at Farnham until 1644. In 1635 he "was incorporated M A. at Cambridge."

In 1642, leaving Farnham in charge of a curate, he became Chaplain to the Regiment of Foot, raised by Sir Charles Constable. In 1644 he became the chief preacher of Ely, and by his evangelistic labours gained the title of `Apostle of the Isle of Ely.' His preaching at Ely being terminated by the