1860 New York Livingston census records

1860 Census New York, Livingston, Springwater Twp, Film M653-779 page 787

enumerated 3 July 1860, extracted 3/10/2002 by Dennis G Sedgwick at Ancestry.com

Line House Family Surname Name Age Sex Color Professsion Real Est Pers Est Birthplace M<Yr
7 334 334 Tyler Salman C 33 M   Farmer 14000 9000 New York  
8     Tyler Joel 28 M         New York  
9     Tyler Kellogg 26 M         New York  
10     Tyler Webster 20 M         New York  
11     Tyler Dewaine 18 M         New York  
12     Tyler Harriet 57 F         Massachusetts  
13     Tyler Margaret 24 F         New York  
14     Tyler Harvey 8/12 M         New York  
15     Sedgwick Carrie 1 F         New York  
16     Covalt? William 40 M   House Joiner     New York  
15: Carrie Tyler Sedgwick (539221) dau of Charles Colton Sedgwick and Harriet (Tyler) Sedgwick
This Harriet Tyler must be her grandmother; where are her parents? Her mother died young, was it before 1860?

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