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Writing on "Expansion of New York with Special Reference to the 18th Century," under the special topic "Contributions in History and Political Science, Ohio University," page 107, a Miss Ruth Higgins writes:

"Another wellknown series of townships were the 'Boston (or Massachusetts) Ten Towns' which lay south of the military tract Tioughnioga and Chenango Rivers on the east and the Owego River on the west and north Susquehana, in Central New York. This area, well supplied with navigable streams, was ceded to the State of Massachusetts at the Hartford Conference of 1786 when arrangements were made for ceding Western New York to that state. In 1786 a company of eleven persons, later increased to sixty persons, mostly from the Berkshires, purchased all of it for 1500 pounds and had it surveyed into lots for sale. Jacob Parsons was one of the company."

Hannah Parsons, 4th child of Lorraine (Sedgwick) Parsons (B6) and Jacob Parsons, was born June 13, 1779, at Richmond, Mass. She married January 8, 1809, at Lisle, Broome County, N.Y., Horace Williston, son of Consider Williston and Rhoda (King) Williston. Horace was born May 30, 1783, at Suffield, Conn. They resided at Binghamton, N.Y., and Athens, Pa. She died in 1855 at Athens. He died August 14, 1855 at Athens. Children, the first six born at Chenango Point, Broome County, N.Y., the last three at Athens, Bradford Co., Pa. (Williston):

1. Rhoda King, b. April 12, 1810. (B64,1)

2. George, b. November, 1811. (B64,2)

3. Horace, b. August, 1813. (B64,3)

4. Lorenzo, b. August, 1815. (B64,4)

5. Eliza, b. July 22, 1817. (B64,5)

6. Hannah, b. April 7, 1819; d. in November, 1823.

7. Clarence, b. June 7, 1821. (B64,7)

8. Lorrain, b. December 7, 1823. (B64,8)

9. John Sedgwick, b. May 14, 1826. (B64,9)

John Sedgwick Williston, 9th child of Hannah (Parsons)

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